From the Editor, March 2021

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When we put plans in motion to launch in the midst of the pandemic, never did I expect that would literally come to mean while I have COVID-19.

As it is, it’s T-minus one week before the website goes live, and I’m writing this from an accredited quarantine hotel as the sun sets on the sixth day of illness. It’s difficult to be away from the team when there’s so much to be done, but it’s a limitation we have no choice but to work around with.

Besides, when we really think about it, it’s not as if remote work is such a foreign concept these days. In fact, it’s been a full year since we were all made to hibernate into our homes in an effort to minimize exposure to the coronavirus. Through all the challenges the new normal brought — working from home (if you’re lucky to have a job), distance learning, border controls, wearing face shields, keeping your new plants alive, maskne — the important thing is you survived. Congratulations! Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the shoulder.

With’s maiden issue coming out in time for both Women’s Month and the quarantine anniversary, it’s only befitting that our content revolves around the theme of triumphs. There’s a lot to celebrate in the new normal — or as I personally like to call it, the now normal. Who would have thought loungewear could be empowering, or that you can still look cute even when you wear PPEs? Some people found their purpose in isolation, while some even found love in the time of the pandemic, believe it or not.

It goes to show that despite adversity, there’s a silver lining if one makes the effort to look for it. Wherever you may be in that journey, is with you along the way. It is a new lifestyle and empowerment hub that was born with you, my dear proud and amazing Bisaya woman, in mind, because it’s our turn for our stories to be told.

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