Your Choice of Noodles Says a Lot About the Men You Date

Your Choice of Noodles Says a Lot About the Men You Date

Explore the pastabilities, both with a new pasta type to order next time you're having Italian... and the person sitting across the table.

If the only “men” you’re obsessed with is “ramen” then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll tell you the type of guys you’re into based on the kind of noodle you’re craving, so it’ll be easier for you to decide who you can send your noodz to. 😉


You’re the kind of person who likes to be on top of things. You’re classy AF and are always dressed to kill. You enjoy going to big social gatherings and so you need a partner who can keep up with you and your schedule. You’re independent, and people who are needy turn you off. You want someone who can stand on their own but who can also share the finer things in life with you. 


You never shy away from the spotlight since you’re a natural-born star. Your style is unique though eccentric at times. You would enjoy a relationship with someone who can support your endeavors and who would share the spotlight with you. You want a go-getter who’s also a star in his own right. When you find this person, both of you are destined to be a power couple. 


You’re soft-hearted, comforting, warm, and the best kind of friend. You always know what to say to make people at ease. You’re a great lover and you’re always looking out for your partner. Since you’re always around for other people, you want someone who can do the same for you. You want someone who can be your best friend and has a listening ear ready for you.


You’re the kind of person who’s always game for new adventures. You roll through life in the best way you know. You’ve been through ups and downs but you’re optimistic that you can get through every hurdle that life throws at you. So you want the kind of partner who’s down for your anything-goes attitude. 


Looks and personality-wise, you’re big and bold. Hard to please and a bit of a tease, you like tough guys with a soft side to them. You want someone who can protect you but at the same time be gentle with you. They might seem harsh to other people but when they’re with you, they put you on a pedestal and treat you like the queen you are. 


You’re traditional in every sense and you can get along with everyone. You’re easy to talk to and everyone loves you. You’re popular with kids too. You have strong principles but are not the type to get into an argument with anyone. Your partner should be someone as traditional as you. You want someone you can get along with pretty quickly and who’s prepared to go on the same path as you — getting married, building a family, etc. 


You are into the latest trends and always know what’s hot. You’re young, flirty, and DTF. Yes, you heard me. You’re always wanting #relationshipgoals but can’t snag a man for yourself. But you’re super good in bed and naturally bring the spice into the relationship. You’re confused whether you’re ready to settle down or still want to keep exploring your options. But one thing’s for sure, the kind of person you need in your life is one that can balance out your hotness. Find someone who’s the Yin to your Yang. 


Your friends all know that you’re a little twisted and cray. You like to live on the wild side and you just don’t care what people think. Unlike spaghetti, you’re very unconventional and not the kind of person who takes no for an answer. The best partner for you would be the kind who you can ask to elope with you to Las Vegas to get married.


You’re strong and brave, and you’ve got an attitude. You can be intimidating because you don’t take shit from anyone, except your partner. You show them tough love, but at the end of the night, you melt in their arms. You want someone who can take your sass, ball it up, and throw it back at you. You can’t be with someone who’s weaker than you because your personality is too strong for them.  


You’re the quiet and shy type. You like to keep to yourself and aren’t very sociable. But when people get to know you better, they find out that you’re actually full of surprises. Once you open up to someone, you’re chock full of fun. You need a partner who is outgoing and would do everything to make you feel at ease. You want someone who isn’t clingy — someone who can give you your own space.  


It takes a while for people to get to know you because of all your layers. You’re very guarded but when you’re finally comfortable with the people you’re with, you become everyone’s favorite. You have a small circle of friends you can trust and usually have a hard time dating. You want someone who is consistent and persevering – the kind of person who texts you first consistently and wants to get to know you genuinely even if it takes time. 

Elbow Macaroni 

You’re somewhat childish and immature. You’re not very experienced when it comes to relationships and you need someone who’s more mature than you are. Since you’re quite scatterbrained and stubborn sometimes, the perfect partner should be able to stand their ground firmly while understanding you at the same time. 


You’re indecisive. You’re a cross between spaghetti and pappardelle — traditional but bold at the same time. Your principles are strong and you’re all for tradition but you also like to shake things up a little sometimes. When it comes to making decisions, it takes you a while to make up your mind. You want a man who can help you rationalize your thoughts and who is certain about his life goals. 


Creative, cute, and crafty — you’re the artistic type. You’re open-minded and would try something at least once. You think that you’re innocent but you’re secretly a hoe (yep girl, own it!). You need someone as creative as you are who gets your art and your advocacies. Since you secretly think that you’re better than everyone else — yeah we know, you’ve got a special ingredient up your sleeve — the perfect partner would help you become more grounded as an individual. 

Angel Hair 

You’re little miss goody two shoes with the perfect hair. You might look dainty and petite, but you know how to stand your ground when someone crosses you. You always fall for someone who’s gay because you don’t have a gaydar. But, you want someone romantic and well-put-together so you’d look like the power couple you’ve always imagined. Think Ken doll minus the scarves and the colorful trousers.