Phoebe Fernandez: Looking Good and Feeling Good

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TV host-turned-businesswoman Phoebe Fernandez emphasizes the correlation of looking good to one’s overall wellness.

“I think one misconception is that when you go through any mental health or physical health struggles, you are not normal,” Phoebe Fernandez shared. “It actually is a normal event in life. Everyone and everybody at some point in their lives go through it, so never think that you are alone or the only one having these struggles.”

It was a sunny June affair, and Phoebe — then at the brink of the launch of her newest venture Primo+Skin — has graciously made time for a shoot with the PH team. After posing for photographs outdoors, she’s cooling off in one of Asmara Lifestyle Hotel‘s chic rooms, head to toe in a Let’s Stylize ensemble, completely in her element as she talked to the cameras.

Of course, being in front of the camera is nothing new for her. She became a household name in Cebu as the host of Maayong Buntag Kapamilya and the Star Patroller for TV Patrol Central Visayas, both with ABS-CBN. She also ventured into acting and is best known for her lead role as Merry in My Paranormal Romance.

Phoebe credits her wellness journey back to this period in her life. “At first, it was more on the responsibility of having to look good on camera—proper diet, exercise, etc.  But over time, I came to realize that it’s not just the body that needs attention, but also my overall well-being, from how I think and how I am at peace with myself,” she reflected. “It wasn’t easy, especially with all the challenges I’ve encountered with my personal life and career. But through the years, I was able to know myself more.”

These days, she defines wellness as a synergy of the mind, body, and soul. “A balance or harmony of these 3 is important to function holistically. Any imbalance results in an interruption of our state of wellness.”

Besides the occasional hosting gig for events — far and few in between these days with the ongoing pandemic — Phoebe has since shifted her focus to business. In 2018, she launched the studio salon Colors and Peach with friend Mika Caram and boyfriend Chad Varquez; it went on to become one of the most sought-after destinations for Cebuanos who want to get their hair done.

Primo+Skin is destined to hold the same principles in beauty and wellness, just in a different sector. “Personally, I know the importance of taking care of our skin. I read about ingredients and products that can help us with our skincare needs,” she shared. “I saw the value of adhering to a skincare routine with products and ingredients that benefit our skin. And so with this knowledge and years of testing out different kinds of products, Primo+Skin came to life.”

Primo+Skin aims to provide the consumers with products that will be of great value to them, and ultimately change how Filipinos think of skincare. “It’s not just for vanity, but it’s actually an essential need that we should embrace and practice consistently,” she expressed. 

Phoebe adds that Primo+Skin complements Colors and Peach in a lot of ways. “We not only enjoy great, healthy hair but also beautiful and glowing skin. Naturally, with great skin and hair, we become more confident and empowered, ready for the world, with our best skin and hair forward.”

Being in the beauty and wellness industry for quite some time now, Phoebe understands the importance of looking and feeling good. It’s one way of taking it easy and being gentle and kind to ourselves when we’re struggling.

Even she herself isn’t spared from mental struggles, but she maintains a simple thought process to talk herself out of it. “I tell myself that this is the dream or the goals calling me.” she shared. “It is during these times when I feel unmotivated, tired, or lazy that I choose to push myself and think of the reasons why I’m doing what I am doing now. I take a deep breath, stand or wake up, and continue on. Drinking coffee also helps a lot!” she joked.

But there are also times where I just relax and rest. I remind myself constantly that in order to function well, the body and mind need to recuperate. Resting is not a sign of laziness unless you do it more often than not. 

Her advice? Acknowledge, talk about it, and ask for help from someone you trust and love. “In my experience, talking about it with someone helps relieve the struggle and eventually would make me feel better. By acknowledging again that anxieties exist, I become well aware of myself and focus on things that can make me feel better.”

Phoebe is also a devout Catholic, admitting that that praying to the Lord and putting her trust in him has helped her immensely.

“Lastly, don’t ever compare yourself to others. We are made special and unique. We never should compare ourselves to what we see, especially in social media, because our individuality matters,” she concluded. “Remember, we are created uniquely and we have our own qualities that make us truly special and worthy.” 

Fast Questions:

What’s your skincare routine like these days?

My skincare routine involves the basics because I believe that the best routine for you is one that you can consistently do. And so I never forget to wash my face, use a toner afterward, apply serum and finish off with a moisturizer. Plus during the day, I apply facial sunscreen before I leave the house. 

If you could give skincare advice to yourself ten years ago, what would you tell the younger Phoebe?

The use of facial sunscreen. Haha! Honestly, I just started using sunscreen during my 30’s. Before, I thought that a facial wash, toner, and moisturizer would be enough. But never leave out the sunscreen. It should be a part of our skincare routine. 

Photography by Ryan Seismundo | Videography by PointUp Films | Hair and Makeup by Karlo Damolo and Jerwin Batastas | Outfit by Let’s Stylize | Set design by Cuckoo Cloud Concepts | Shot on location at Asmara Urban Resort & Lifestyle Village

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