Give Back to the Community with Project P.A.G.L.A.O.M. sa Sugbo

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The Interact Club of Banilad Metro – Science High Cebu is raising donations for underprivileged communities.

Paglaom. Easy word to say right? This 7-letter word is something you don’t always see or hear every day but is actually quite meaningful. Paglaom means hope. So keep that word in mind as you read on. Again, Paglaom means hope, but here’s the interesting bit: Paglaom stands for something else too…

Project P.A.G.L.A.O.M. sa Sugbo was created by an Interact club from Cebu City National Science High School (CCNSHS), specifically the Interact Club of Banilad Metro – Science High Cebu (IACBM-SHC). 

Before I explain what Project PAGLAOM is, I’ll elaborate more on Interact. Interact is derived from two words meshed together, International and Action; Interact. Interact is a non-profit organization and a service club that aims to discover the power of service above self among students. This club opens the eyes of its members to realities in the state of communities, which would consequently lead them to pursue and create positive change in them. 

Project P.A.G.L.A.O.M (Projects Aspiring to Give Light to All and Optimism to Many) sa Sugbo is an initiative created by the IACBM-SHC to provide assistance to those who are in need. This aspires to give everyone hope that soon, we will overcome these challenges in life together. In addition, this further strengthens the value of Filipinos called bayanihan, which focuses on community service to help each other overcome problems and be resilient to any challenges that may come. 

This initiative is separated into three phases: We Share, We Care, where we provide 5kg rice sacks as aid to 200 families of the indigenous people residing in Sitio Buyo, South Poblacion, Antique, Naga City, Cebu; Project Papel where we give out 30 reams of A4 substance 20 bond paper plus 25 sets of school supplies each to Lusaran Elementary School and Mangabon Elementary School; and finally, Aksyon Proteksyon which is dedicated to providing personal protective supplies and health equipment to the Rural Health Units (RHUs) of Life Inspired Birthing Home, Upper Bacayan, and other residents in the mountain barangay.

This project came to be when one of the club’s members, specifically their chancellor, realized something about his kababayans

There is a great number of underprivileged in the Philippines, and we don’t always take the time to reflect on where we are and the simple blessings we have. There are millions of deserving people that need someone, even if it’s just one person, to look at them, recognize them, and understand their circumstances better. Even in the worst circumstances, these people have shown their grateful and loving hearts that trudge on in hardship,  notwithstanding where they are or what they’ve been through.  In this time of adversity, during this nearly two-year pandemic, everyone seems to be struggling harder in their own way. But the less fortunate have been hit harder since the spread of COVID-19. 

Project P.A.G.L.A.O.M selected qualified beneficiaries who are in need of a helping hand and are not often recognized in terms of being provided with essentials. The Project also benefits select individuals or groups who are directly impacted by the pandemic. 

As mentioned above We Share, We Care is devoted to providing 5kg rice sacks to 200 families of the indigenous people residing in Sitio Buyo, South Poblacion, Antique, Naga City, Cebu. Like most indigenous communities in the Philippines, this community migrated away from their traditional land to receive social services from the government. Unfortunately, the pandemic’s economic burden has hit this indigenous community the most, similar to others in the margin. 

Project Papel’s objective is to extend a hand to the diligent students and faculty of Lusaran Elementary School and Mangabon High-School and Elementary School, who lack the resources for learning materials that are vital to the students’ education. 

Due to the pandemic, healthcare facilities have a greater demand for healthcare necessities, especially in the small barangays and sitios. Aksyon Proteksyon aims to donate medical/health supplies and equipment, hygiene products n, and eco-bags to these healthcare facilities. As this project is still taking shape, the IACBM-SHC has been collecting funds for this three-phase initiative to happen. The club is aiming for an estimate of Php 70,000-80,000 to help this project come to life. The club is also urging those who can donate to this project since distribution to the beneficiaries will be on November 27, 2021. 

The vision of IACBM-SHC’s future goals refers to the seven Rotary causes: promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, saving mothers and children, supporting education, growing local economies, and protecting the environment. 

In the future, the club hopes to create bigger and better programs, reach out to more people, create a better community for all, and most importantly, let people see the current situation we are facing. We want people to see and believe in this newly-chartered Interact club that though we are on the starting line, our determination, willingness to serve our community, and the goal to do whatever it takes to make an impact in our lives and the lives of others, will bring us to the finish line in victory.

For monetary donations, you may deposit to the following:

Palawan Express
Aniceta Cabaluna
0927 224 6694

RCBC Savings
Adrian A. Campugan
903 314 4623

Athasia Nicole A.
0927 224 6694

For in-kind donations, you may coordinate with the following:

Adrian A. Campugan
Project Manager
0926 633 7067

Joselle Mae J. Biñan
Project Head
0963 469 4670

Jessa Marie C. Manigos
Project Head
0915 905 2133

Meg Louis Maxilom
Project Head
0956 908 0914

Franthy May C. Gelig
Project Head
0906 091 1103

For more information, follow the Interact Club of Banilad Metro – Science High Cebu at @interactscihicebu.

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