3 Ways to Experiment with Scarves You Have

3 Ways to Experiment with Scarves You Have

Scarves are fetch, and it's time to make them happen again. Joymie Arnaiz shows three ways to turn one from an accessory to the main star of the show.

There are infinite ways to style that scarf, no doubt about it.

But while you commonly wear your big scarf by using it as a cover-up for your swimsuit, tying it around the neck to keep you warm, or hanging it on your shoulders to accentuate your outfit, you can also actually turn it into an outfit itself!

So if you think of maybe keeping your scarf for your next visit to the beach, or for colder days, think again. Maybe all you need is that scarf to make a statement look this summer.

Here are three of the many simple ways to style your scarf this warm season. 

Wear it as a top

I am a big fan of scarf tops and I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be. My favorite style is to use a chunky necklace and make a halter look out of my scarf. You can also play it safe and go for the one-shoulder top, or choose the quintessential tube top style which is easier to wear.

Make a skirt out of it

If your scarf is as big as your bath towel, then you can definitely rock that maxi or midi scarf skirt without the use—or with minimal use, at least—of safety pins. You can also wear your scarf as a mini skirt by all means and tie some edges strategically to avoid looking boring. Or you can go for the asymmetrical skirt look to create a flowy ensemble. 

Use it as a bandana

Accessorize your hair with a scarf this summer. Go with the classic and fail-safe bandana style by wrapping it around your forehead. You can also make a preppy bow headband and adjust the bow to any size you want, or you can opt for a retro vibe and do a full head wrap by tying the scarf just below your chin.

I can’t wait for you to try on these style ideas this summer and eventually discover more ways how to make that scarf work for you! 

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