5 Online Shops to Check Out If You’re Into Energy Cleansing

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Feeling unproductive and stressed? It’s time to do yet another energy cleansing. Stock up on your essentials from these online shops.

You’re in your pajamas after a nice warm bath, soaking into your current book, and sipping some hot tea while welcoming positive energies to your sacred place — isn’t that a total self-care goal? Yep, it should be every hard-working woman’s goal for herself for surviving yet another tedious work week. 

With all the changes that the pandemic necessitated, you may need a pick-me-up every now and then. There may be times when you feel unproductive or stressed in certain areas of your home, and it could be because you’re dealing with stagnant energy.

Getting rid of stress while inviting positive energies is easy through smudging and crystal rituals, collectively known as energy cleansing. Gaining more popularity these days, these old rituals are a way of cleansing and purifying a space to invite positive energy. The best thing about adding this to your self-care routine is that you’ll never have to go out and deal with COVID-19 safety protocols, which kinda add up to the stress, tbh. 

Below is a list of shops where you can get a fix of your smudge and crystals as well as other stuff that’ll help you spiritually cleanse your space. 

Nature’s Best

This Cebu-based shop sells sage which are all sourced from the US, like blue and white sage, cedar smudge, palo santo, and others. 

Instagram: @naturesbest.cebuph

The Sacred Smudge

Available at BeautyMnl, The Sacred Smudge is another account you should follow if you’re into smudging. 

Instagram: @thesacredsmudgeph

Flow Retreats

Here, you’ll find different sorts of things, all for wellness. Just browse their website and go directly to the Rituals category where different ritual sets are, including smudge sticks, crystal stones, and even meditation candles. 

Instagram: @flowretreats | Website

5D Healing Crystals

If you’re a little more into crystals, then 5D Healing Crystals must be the shop to be. Choose from their different crystal sets according to intention, like prosperity and abundance, love and attraction, and a lot more.  

Instagram: @5dhealingcrystals | Website

11:11 Crystals

Another Cebu-based shop, 11:11 Crystals, also sells agate stone, smokey quartz, chakra macrame bracelets, and more. 

Instagram: @1111crystals

Whether you’re more into smudging or crystals, or any other rituals, what’s important is to find something that will work for you. Think of it as self-care, because when you’re less stressed, you can better manage family, career, relationships, and everything going on in your life.

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