6 Local Songs to Add to Your Sleep Playlist

6 Local Songs to Add to Your Sleep Playlist

Having difficulty falling asleep these days? These six songs from local artists may just be the key to battling the nighttime blues.

A good night’s rest is one of the most undervalued things that we should definitely be getting.

According to Sleep Foundation1, for most adults, at least seven hours of sleep each night is needed for proper cognitive and behavioral functions, otherwise, it could lead to some serious repercussions. Apparently, a lot of us need to keep this vital information in mind. Through a survey by the Healthy Living Index in 20162, it was discovered that Filipinos have one of the highest rates of sleep deprivation in Asia; 46% of Filipinos do not get enough sleep while 32% sleep for less than six hours. Needless to say, a healthy rest should be a priority in our lives. 

People are different in the way they like to fall asleep. I, for one, find it difficult to fall asleep in complete silence. Unfortunately, I’ve built a habit of listening to a podcast or having a video on in the background in order for me to successfully crash. I also know that there are some people who prefer to have sleep-inducing songs accompanying them to the dream state.

If you’re one of these people, this article is for you. I’ve compiled a list of six songs that could be good additions to your sleep playlists. I can guarantee these songs will get you falling asleep in no time (in the best way!)

As you will soon discover, I feel very passionately about these songs and I’m lucky to call these brilliant artists my friends–but my thoughts and opinions will always come from an impartial place. When I think something is good, you should take my word for it! Now, onto the list!

Mandaue Nights – Sleep Paralysis

When I listen to this instrumental, I imagine astronauts walking around and discovering life on a new planet. While I love hearing Karl and Gino’s voices, their production is always top notch and this one is no different. Instrumentals can be a hit or miss for me, but I love how this makes me feel. This cinematic masterpiece could give you dreams of outer space, drifting along the galaxies of nothingness. That might sound frightening and lonesome to some, but when you’re slowly succumbing to a nice slumber, you may find it to be a reassuring image to preserve in your head.

Hey! It’s Your Birthday – Hey Buddy

This song almost puts me in a trance. I love it. The catchy synth line that carries on all throughout the song is like a haunting lullaby. The vocalist, Anne’s voice complements the sound so well. Funnily enough, to me, the song gives a sense of uneasiness that’s almost comforting. I don’t know how that could make sense to anyone, but give this song a listen and tell me that it doesn’t. Spoiler alert: you can’t. 

Vincent Eco – Ramona

I cannot stress enough how the simplicity of this song is all that it really, truly needs. The soothing melodies that this song bears is what makes it an ideal one to fall asleep to. It features a spectacular piano arrangement and performance by Henrick Pestaño, and of course, Eco’s voice in this song in particular is nothing short of breathtaking. So, so good. 

Wiji Kun – Afterlife

Like the title suggests, this song takes me to another dimension. I guarantee it’ll do the same for you too. This is one of my favorite songs from him. I adore the guitar lines and the way they sound with the synths. The way Wiji is singing here makes me feel all the warmth and coziness. I also love that he added a xylophone in the choruses; almost like a cherry on top to the whole thing that makes it a prime track to doze off to. 

Honeydrop – Mood / Swings (Alt)

Now, I am a Mood / Swings EP version stan. But there’s just something about this arrangement that serves the song amazingly. Deb’s vocals with the added effects just sounds and feels so *chef’s kiss* to the ears. The breakdown in the bridge will make you feel like you’re transcending into the depths of your brain and into deep sleep. Makes for a pretty good song to snooze to, if you ask me. You’re welcome. 

bedtime television – Hair Die

This somber yet stunning song will make you feel like you’re floating underwater; head empty, just vibes. And again, there’s something about those visions and concepts of being alone in a vast, empty space that makes one feel serene and at ease. As a lover of reverb, I appreciate how it’s utilized effectively in this track. I also love hearing Isa’s falsetto voice. Overall, it’ll fit in your sleep playlists just nicely. 

I genuinely hope these songs carry you to the REM stage swimmingly. Alternatively, I hope this article has led you to discovering these artists and checking them out because they make some good ass songs. I’m manifesting a consistent and healthy sleep schedule for us all! Happy sleeping!


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