10 Sure Signs You’re Addicted to Beauty

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In her first column for g.spot PH, The Beauty Enthusiast Joanna Cuenco lists down the reasons you’re obsessed with all things beauty.

1. You spend more time selecting which lipstick to use rather than what clothes to put on.

Photo: Vogue

2. No matter how exhausted or tipsy you are, you might fall into bed with all your clothes still on, but you will never, ever fall asleep without washing off your makeup first.

3. You believe spending P3,000 on a limited edition blush palette is a good buy since there are six shades and each pan has this many grams and it holds matte and satin finishes and you’ll get so much use out of it, but you need to think if you really need to spend P300 to replace your ratty phone charger. I mean, it still works?

4. You are Sephora Black or Gold, a Rustan’s Beauty Addict, and a Shopee Platinum member from all of your beauty hauls.

5. You know what each kind of makeup brush is for the way Mr. Carson knows what each kind of spoon is for in Downton Abbey.

6. You have kept MAC collaboration products in special packaging, even if they are empty or expired.

M.A.C. Wander Lust. Photo: Lazada

7. 95% of the accounts you follow on social media are related to beauty, while the remaining 5% are your friends.

8. When people talk about highlighters, your first thought is Nars, Becca, or Too Faced, until you realize they mean Stabilo or Zebra.

Photo: Stabilo

9. You are always happy to share recommendations when your friends ask you about beauty products or services. You love it when they add, “You’re the first person I think of for anything related to beauty.”

10. You might be rushing to the hospital because you’re going into labor or your appendix is probably about to burst, but you won’t leave the house without putting on your eyebrows. (Heard from true stories!)

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