Boost Your Brow Game with These Products to Add to Your Kikay Kit

Boost Your Brow Game with These Products to Add to Your Kikay Kit

Yeah, yeah, we know — kilay is life. But if you haven't mastered eyebrows yet, not all hope is lost. Here's a guide to get your brow game on.

If there’s one part of my makeup routine that is indispensable no matter the circumstance, it would be my brows. One of my life mantras is “No kilay, no power.” I don’t even have brows on fleek, if people are still saying that? But if I don’t fill them in at least a little bit before I face anyone, I simply don’t feel like myself.

The brow power has definitely been put to the test these days when it’s so hot that we start to sweat just getting ready to leave the house. I’ve lost an eyebrow more than once this summer after wiping off the sweat from my forehead.

Here’s how I summer-proof my brows so that they both last all day:


When sweat and sebum combine on our foreheads and brow areas, most brow products don’t stand a chance. Brow pencils commonly have wax and oil to help them glide on more easily, and high heat can melt them down. I’ve had to do some prep work to keep my brows in place.

I normally don’t do so on the brow area, but I’ve been applying a tiny amount of concealer just beneath and above my brows to keep oil at bay. Use a concealer brush for controlled application on this smaller area.

Using a puff or dense powder brush, I pat on two light layers of powder over the entire brow area. Gently press it on instead of swiping, so that the powder helps control oil and gives something for your brow products to stick to.

It’s better to do two light layers. One full layer may apply too much powder, and it will cake when you start to sweat – or turn your brows white!


I am constantly trying out and rotating brow products. I’m that there are more and more options available in the market that are easy to use, budge-proof, and budget-friendly since kilay truly is life for most of us Pinays.

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade is still the OG for a bulletproof brow. But not everyone is comfortable working with brow pomades because they do take practice, and Php 1,000+ is admittedly quite steep even if you do get a lot of brow for your buck. Try these instead.

Brow Painter from Strokes Beauty Lab

Shop Strokes Beauty Lab’s Brow Painter

This is the brow pen that withstood a hot day which included a climb up and down Osmena Peak. I don’t need to say much more than that, but the packaging makes this even more awesome. It’s really well designed: the brush tip is not too stiff and not too pliable. It glides on like a dream and dispenses the perfect amount of product – critical with brush pens so we don’t end up with Pentel pen brows! The pen body is not too slim for better control.

As a thoughtful touch, “I am happy” is printed in a pretty gold script on the tube. Guys can definitely use this brow pen too since it’s not just us girls who have sparse areas in the brows. The result is very natural, and the shades are perfectly suited for Asian hair.

Strokes’ flagship store on Shopee goes on sale every once in a while, so keep an eye out to get this and other products at a discount.

Lifebrow Grooming Gel from Sunnies Face

Shop Sunnies Face Lifebrow Grooming Gel

No matter what brow pencil or brow powder I use, I can extend its longevity if I lock it in with Lifebrow gel. The brush is small enough to coat hairs without depositing too much product, which is great because my brow strands are on the thinner side.

I definitely remember the earlier days of brow gels when the brushes would be the same size as mascara brushes. There would always be too much product, and I would end up having to spoolie off most of it after; what a waste.

Best Brow Liner by Careline Cosmetics

Shop Careline Best Brow Liner

This one’s familiar to most of us since it’s available in pretty much any Watson’s or department store. It’s comparable to brow pencils by Korean brands like Etude House, and Nature Republic, delivering a pigmented pencil with a chiseled tip on one end and a spoolie on the other. This format is definitely the easiest to tote around since it doesn’t need sharpening.

Keep one in your bag for touch-ups if you’re going to have a busy day. The taupe shade suits just about everyone, and you can choose to apply with a  softer hand or create a more defined look.