Heaven Scent: 5 Must-Try Local Perfume Brands

Heaven Scent: 5 Must-Try Local Perfume Brands

Looking for your signature scent, or want to add to your perfume collection? These five local brands may have what you're looking for.

One can stand out in a crowd for many things – style, aura, composure and so much more. But right off the bat, scents are ones that really linger. And, of course, one perfect way to exude that impressive fragrance is through perfumes. As fashion extraordinaire Coco Chanel says, “It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.”

Perfumes are the statement pieces that give out an impression of you in just a whiff. They don’t always have to be all pricey and luxurious anyways; they just have to be you. For starters, check out this list of local perfume brands that are worth the try.

Simoy ng Haraya

If you’re looking for your signature scent and, at the same time, looking into eco-friendly options, Simoy ng Haraya checks these two factors on your list. They have a varied selection of scents you can choose from, and they use refillable glass bottles so they don’t go to waste. The fun part? They have quirky Filipino scent names like Kilig, Gayuma, Ngiti, and a lot more. They also have other scent products you could try.

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VV and Co.

Influencer sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso put their childhood memory to life with VV and Co., their own fragrance brand. They come up with scents in collaboration with their other influencer friends giving you a variety to select from. If you’re not sure what to choose, the stories behind the fragrances will definitely help you take your pick. They also do customized ones if you want.

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Kalikhasan Eco-Friendly Solutions

Another eco-friendly choice to come along with that remarkable smell is Kalikhasan’s cologne sprays. Their scents come in fruity or citrusy that reflect the dawn (Madaling Araw) and good mornings (Gandang Umaga). They are non-toxic and animal-cruelty free which are bonus points! They do also have other eco-friendly products you might also want to check out.

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For the young and young-at-heart, you might be a fan of the hit Wattpad story turned sensational series He’s into Her. This is the fragrance line-up for you as author Maxine Lat Calibuso, known as maxinejiji, comes up with a collection named after the characters. It’s an array of summery, fresh, sweet, breezy scents. Whether you’re a fan or not, their wide range is simply excellent and long-lasting which is perfect for the whole day.

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Fresh Philippines

Vanillas and berries and everything that reminds you of summer. These are the features of Fresh Philippines Scentlab fragrance collection. They have a selection for whichever mood you want fun, mellow, romantic, and a lot more. Plus, they are budget-friendly and conveniently available too! This is excellent for the always-on-the-go.

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Also available in Watsons and SM Stores