7 Statement Pieces For Every Room in Your Home

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Give a focal point in each room of your house with these investment pieces that will also serve as conversation-starters.

What does your home speak of you or does it reflect your personality? With the new normal that we have, there is no denying that we’ll be spending more time at home than we used to pre-pandemic. Not only that staying home is the safest thing to do right now, but also the word “home” itself has its own way of making you feel well, right?

You may think that your time at home will be less enjoyable and less interesting now that we are even more encouraged to stay indoors. But definitely not when you start sprucing it up a bit with home pieces that truly speak about yourself, who you are, and what your interests are. 

Check out these statement pieces that’ll surely put you and your guests in a good mood even with just a glance at them.

Foyer: Console Tray by Vito Selma

What better way to greet your guests than to start with your attention-grabbing console table? Not only does this one by Vito Selma allow you to locate your keys or loose change easily when you’re just about to head out, but it also simply adds life and class to your wall or hallway. 

Instagram:  @vitoselma

Living Room: Rug by Sunday Studios 

Nothing is more welcoming than being visually treated with a carefully crafted rug in your living room. It simply adds warmth and a homey vibe. 

Instagram: @sundaystudios

Kitchen: Bar Cart by Rich Living 

Your kitchen is where the magic happens before the eating experience unfolds in the dining area. It deserves something fun and playful to look at like this bar cart where you can portably store your bottles of wine and other sorts of drinks. 

Instagram: @richliving_cebu

Dining Room: Dining Table by Giardini Furniture 

Then your dining room is where sumptuous dinners accompanied with juicy stories begin and end! Might as well get a dining table that actually feels warm and encouraging like this atanasio table from Giardini. This table itself will automatically start any conversation between your guests.

Facebook: Giardini Del Sole Furniture
Website: Giardini Furniture

Bathroom: Mirror by Obra Cebuana

A refreshing way to freshen up is by simply speaking positive affirmations to yourself while looking at your bathroom mirror. And while you’re at it, don’t you think it’s perfect to give it a notch with this Obra Cebuana mirror? I bet you do! 

Instagram: @obracebuana

Bedroom: Hanging Lamp by Among Balay

Oh, to be tucked in your bedroom sheets while soaking into your current book with this solihiya hanging lamp as your guiding light. It totally screams a restful weekend with a tropical vibe. 

Instagram: @amongbalay

Patio: Lounge Chair by Design Story

And if you’re not ready to hit the sack just yet and you’d still like to sit still and pause for a moment in your balcony, then this minimalist lounge Palissade chair is a perfect catch. 

Instagram: @designstoryph

Whether what sort of statement pieces you’d like to spruce up your home with, what’s important is that each piece will bring you a little joy and peace of mind even by just merely looking at it and lastly, it speaks about no one else but you!

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