New Shopping Goal: To Shop With a Goal

New Shopping Goal: To Shop With a Goal

Sam Lincaro explores the various offerings of The Local Hub, a marketplace of products from artisans and intentional makers.

These days, going on shopping is #goals, but here’s a thought to ponder: shopping with a goal yields a more meaningful purpose. The times have indeed changed the way we shop for our needs. The past couple of years have taught us to buy only what’s necessary and it has also paved the way for businesses like The Local Hub to launch their visions with a purpose.

The Local Hub prides itself on being a marketplace with a purpose featuring products from local artisans, intentional makers, and small businesses and creators. Here, you are greeted with an array of local gems categorized for your home, fashion, gifts & crafts, kids, wellness, and pantry. Its website is not only meant for you to “add to cart” but also to enrich you with informative product descriptions. In case you haven’t browsed its website yet, here’s a peek at what local brands are in store for you!


On top of the list is Aesca, a fashion brand that sells handpainted footwear that allows you to embrace the morena skin color you are in and hand-drawn linen skirts that feature our Filipina ancestors. Isn’t that awe-inspiring?

Happy Vida

Happy Vida prides itself on its elegant embroidery that’s happily handmade in the mesmerizing island of Malapascua. One of its masterpieces is the Manok-Manok Abaca Pouch which pays homage to the Filipino culture. 

Deedoe Design

In the arts and crafts department lies Deedoe Design which features art prints you can happily hang and admire at home. Frame them, and you’re one step closer to owning an aesthetically pleasing room. 

Jewelry by Amelita

The new normal can never be denied so we might as well embrace it with timely fashionable pearl mask chains from Jewelry by Amelita


A very timely local brand, Elements sells essential oils that are perfect for your wellness journey. Its Immune Booster Essential Oil Blend and Sleep Inducer Essential Oil Blend might just be the ones you need especially these days when our immune system constantly faces health scares. 

Yogi Crunch

As mentioned, The Local Hub also stores a healthy pantry stash like Yogi Crunch’s vegan chicharon. It’s a guilt-free snack you can enjoy munching on. 

Cheeky Chic

Awesome things for kids await you too! Cheeky Chic can be your go-to shop when you think of your kids’ playtime with their on-the-go cars play kit, wooden rainbow filler, as well as travel cubes that serve as your travel bag for toys. 

Whatever or whoever it is that you are shopping for, it might be best if you change up a bit the way you shop and be mindful of your choices, those that make you shop with a goal. Even better if you give these local brands a chance too!