Preventing Hair Loss, and Two Supplements that Helped Me with Regrowth

Preventing Hair Loss, and Two Supplements that Helped Me with Regrowth

Our friendly neighborhood Beauty Enthusiast Joanna Cuenco shares easy-to-follow tips on how to recover from hair loss.

Worries over hair loss have been a recurring topic among different friend circles. Whether male or female, in their 20s or 30s, it’s an issue that isn’t necessarily dictated by gender or age.

What does affect hair loss and the speed of regrowth are genetics and lifestyle. Sadly, many people have experienced hair loss from the stress of the last two years, and/or seen more of their hair turn white, but the latter is a topic for another day.

I’ve personally experienced and recovered from hair loss due to stress and anxiety. Here are some tips that worked for me, and general advice on maintaining a healthy head of hair. 

A Healthy Scalp

We tend to focus too much on keeping our strands healthy and seem to forget about the source: our scalp.

Keeping the scalp healthy is key to healthy hair. There are scalp masks available on the market, and several salons like Piandré and Colors & Peach also offer scalp-specific salon treatments.

I have a cooling scalp mask at home that I honestly need to use more often. However, I am pretty good about regularly massaging my scalp to encourage the growth of new strands. It sounds too simple, but it seriously works and I can see I have a lot more little baby hairs growing in from routinely doing this.

I use my fingertips to gently massage in big circles all over my head; don’t forget areas like the base of your hairline at the back of your neck. If not for anything else, this is a relaxing habit that I like to do shortly before going to bed.

My dad is nearing his 75th birthday and still has a full head of hair. His secret is massaging freshly sliced aloe vera on the scalp a couple of times a week before going to sleep. Some people are skeptical about this method, saying that they hate the smell or that it would stain their pillowcases. If you can bear the inconvenience for the sake of thicker hair, just use a small slice about the size of a matchbox and put a towel over your pillow. There’s no need for a thick application. Don’t apply on the ends of your hair so that you’re not sleeping with a wet head.

Do not use just any commercial aloe vera gel unless it is formulated to be safe on hair, as some may contain alcohol or fragrances that may irritate your scalp.


I take a buttload of vitamins and supplements every day. Sources commonly say that we need to eat enough protein and Omega-3 for hair health. Collagen and biotin are good supplements for skin, hair, and nails.  These are the two best supplements I have tried that make my hair grow super fast–I would notice because I’d see my roots a lot more quickly. Check for legit sellers online, whether through pasabuy or official stores on Shopee / Lazada. Don’t forget to read instructions for the dosage.

Note that you can’t dictate for only the hair on your head to grow fast. The other hair on the body also grows more quickly, so you may need to pluck/shave/wax other areas more frequently!


Note: Puritan’s Pride 10,000mcg Biotin was the actual product that I used, but it seems to be sold out on the official website and official Shopee store. This formulation has 3,000mcg Biotin, so try taking two or three a day to see results.

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Your haircut matters a lot to keep your hair looking lush. My hair is quite thick and starts to get wavy at my nape. If it grows much further than my shoulders, my strands start to look weighed down and scraggly. A professional stylist will be able to analyze your hair volume and work with you for the best length and cut to keep your mane looking its healthiest

Hair Care

Of course, keeping hair as natural as possible is the best way to keep it healthy. (I should be one to talk, after 20 years of dyeing my hair.) Try switching to sulfate-free or natural shampoos, which won’t strip your strands and scalp of moisture as much as a shampoo with Sodium Laureth Sulfate listed among the first three ingredients.

There are plenty of affordable, locally made natural shampoos available on the market now. I prefer using a natural shampoo bar, as some natural liquid shampoos feel too sticky for me no matter how well I rinse. One wash with a good natural shampoo bar will convert you – my hair feels super clean and light but not dry, even if my hair gets kind of crunchy from saltwater at the beach.

Be gentle with your basic hair care. Do not overbrush or constantly rake your hands through your hair. After washing, squeeze out water gently, or use a microfiber towel to dry it in a turban. Please do not wring and dry it like you’re handling laundry.

Lifestyle and Overall Health

Yes, yes, we know that proper nutrition and exercise are necessary for allover health and beauty. Remember that lack of sleep and stress are two surefire ways to make you look dull all over. Because of anxiety before, I developed a terrible habit of picking at my hair, both consciously and unconsciously. Stay happy and healthy, guys, for the sake of our inner and outer selves!

As I am just your friendly neighborhood beauty enthusiast and not a doctor, I would highly recommend visiting a dermatologist or qualified skin clinic if you are really worried about it. Definitely make an appointment if you have a sudden, noticeable increase in hair loss, or are slowly but surely beginning to see signs and want to prevent further thinning.