Thank You Gifts for the Different Types of People in Your Friends Circle

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Haven’t quite finished your Christmas shopping yet? We’ve got you covered with this fun gift guide for every kind of friend you have.

“Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, but this is for life.”

This is one of the many iconic lines from 90s sitcom Friends that just hits home. Good friends are really ones to stick around through ups and downs and in-betweens. They are family. They are always by our side whether we’re feeling playful and silly, down and lonely, heartbroken and so much more. Real MVPs.

It is high time to say thank you to the people who have put up with every single one of our alternate selves. Gifts are one way to express our gratitude to the best friends in the world, especially if they are well thought of. Check out this gift guide for some of the different types of friends we have in our life.

The Solo Flight

To that friend who’s not committed to a relationship but the one to give the most love advice, while it would be nice to gift them “the one” but we let fate take it from there.

Instead, skincare bundles are great to relieve you of the stress your friends’ relationship brings. It also keeps you fresh and glowing just in case Cupid is striking any minute now.

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The One with Their Happily Ever After

If there are those who belong to the singles club, there are also the friends who found their own partner-in-crime (aside from us, of course).

Matching bracelets for everyday wear are pretty little keepsakes to give these types of friends. It’s a lowkey flex of your friendship and a cute reminder that whatever happens, we got your back.

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The Parent Figure

The friend who is responsible for everything and everyone – probably the one who grills the samgyupsal – is the busiest when the squad is gathered. Handling the “kids” could be a headache sometimes and thus, the need for a break.

A gift set of bath, body, and home needs would be the perfect treat to get them the rest they need after a long day.

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The Unlucky in Love

No matter how many times we have to say I-told-you-so and even if all our advice go down the drain, we love you to bits. You deserve someone better, and a really cute and handy tumbler.

This would be an excellent thing to have for the drunk nights of crying your heart out. It serves the purpose of sobering you up when it’s time to leave, and hydrating after all the tears you’ve shed.

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The Better Late than Never

Yes, the one who is always on the run but is still a good fifteen minutes late. It’s tough to beat the rush so, let’s make it a bit easier for them.

A tote bag can store so many things they will need during the day. And the best part? They could just quickly throw in their belongings and they are good to go. With various designs to choose from, they are not just late; they’re fashionably late.

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The Happy Pill

Big thanks to the mood-maker of the gang whose jokes and witty remarks are always for the win. It is time to return the favor by giving them card games they and other friends could enjoy. It’s a good piece to bring during overnights and get-togethers to set the mood and keep the energy up; just like this lovely friend.

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The Busy Bee

What better gift to give the goal-getter friend than something that helps keep them on track? Yup, a planner is definitely the way to go.

This would definitely help them organize their jam-packed days, check on their goals, and even store some of the important stuff. They really have a tight schedule but they never fail to squeeze us in it, right?

Shop this 2022 planner from Belle de Jour

The Photophile

This friend is in charge of documenting and posting photos of the group’s date day. A functional and visually aesthetic phone case would be an absolute gem to give them.

It keeps their phone protected in case they drop them so, there’s no need to worry about losing the pictures. It also gives a sense of style that they can flaunt when taking mirror selfies.

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