The Best Y2K Products You Can Still Buy Today

The Best Y2K Products You Can Still Buy Today

Y2K is the new black and these old school but still cool beauty products are here to glam you up and guide you through it!

You know something has become vintage when you see a trend prominently making a comeback.

Those of us who were in high school or college in the 2000s are seeing that Y2K has come back around as a trend: baby tees, oversized jeans, mini dresses in loud colors, and synthetic fabrics—all being paired with colorful plastic accessories.

While Kilay 2000 is best left in the year 2000, there are several beauty favorites from Y2K that are still great to use today. Who else had these in their glittery Caboodles?

Ever Bilena Magic Lipstick

I’m not sure what year this product was launched, but I remember my sister using it when we were in college in the early 2000s (!). The earliest blog reviews I can find about this cult product are from 2011, so it’s definitely been around for a while. I actually just repurchased two shades in the past year because I rediscovered how moisturizing these are. They do not give lipstick coverage but are super creamy, pigmented balms, and tinted lip balms are probably the type of lip products I reach for the most. Magic Lipstick is pretty awesome for something that costs only Php 75 to Php 100 and continues to be easily available in Watsons and many supermarkets. 

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain

In high school, we got Bench lip and cheek tint from our allowance, or we got The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain for a birthday or saving our allowance for several more weeks.

The packaging has changed over time—who else remembers it as a glass rollerball vial?—but the formulation has stayed the same.

Lip and cheek tints saw a huge boom in the local market when K-dramas made stained lips and cheeks a permanent part of the Pinay beauty kit, making this type of product only a fraction of the price it was 15+ years ago. Hardcore fans of this Lip and Cheek Stain can still buy it at The Body Shop today.

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Clean & Clear Moisturizer

We never forget our first love, and we never forget our first moisturizer.

Clean & Clear was one of the first imported brands that were affordable enough for students to use back in the day, and it came at a great time for most of us who were just starting to get into skincare in late grade school and high school.

To be honest, I haven’t used this particular moisturizer in a long time even if it has always been reliable because there are new products being released all the time. At the time of this writing, the official Johnson & Johnson’s Shopee store is sold out of this moisturizer, so that tells us it’s still flying off the shelves until now.

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Caboodles may seem overpriced for a plastic box, but they are seriously well-made. My Caboodle from Y2K is pretty much good as new and now holds extra soap and cotton in my bathroom.

To shop one for yourself, we found this listing on Shopee, and Amazon offers them in plenty of colors and does ship to the Philippines.