Treat Your Feet to These 5 Beauty Indulgences

Treat Your Feet to These 5 Beauty Indulgences

When you rely on your feet to take you places, make sure to take care of them! Here are our top picks for feet-related beauty treatments.

Beauty treatments aren’t just for the neck upwards. The rest of your body needs some TLC too, most especially your feet—they can take quite the beating from standing and walking a lot, whether you’re working or out on a vacation this summer. 

Pamper your soles with these five feet-related beauty treatments.


You can’t go wrong with a pedi. It’s an instant pick-me-up, especially when you’re showing off your feet in your flip-flops or sandals. Opt for classic nail polish if you want to switch it up quickly, or go for gel polish for longer-lasting color that won’t chip right away wherever life takes you this summer.

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Leg Waxing

If you prefer being hair-free while walking around in your summer shorts, look no further than waxing treatments. It’s a happy medium between the upkeep of shaving your legs and the cost of several laser hair removal sessions, with slower regrowth and finer hair the more often you do it! 

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Foot Paraffin

Imagine soothing hot wax poured over your tired feet. It’s not as insane as it sounds—thermotherapy is great for relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and easing muscle stiffness. As an added bonus, it also releases toxins and hydrates your skin!

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Foot Massage

Photo by Mikael Esquierda

… or you can always opt for a traditional massage after long days of summer fun. A lot has been said about massage therapy, with the pressure applied known to increase circulation and relieve tired muscles, among many other benefits. Have a special session just for your feet and you’ll be walking as good as new the next day!

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Foot Scrub

The summer heat can be unforgiving on our feet. If you can’t enjoy the natural exfoliation from being in the sand, a foot scrub is the next best thing. Sit back and relax while an expert sloughs away the rough callouses, often developed from repeated irritation on your skin, and enjoy smoother soles afterwards!

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