Date Night Ideas Inspired By Gabii Sa Kabilin

Date Night Ideas Inspired By Gabii Sa Kabilin

Running out of date night ideas? Check out these date activities inspired by this year's Gabii sa Kabilin —from museum dates to a simple long walk together, these activities are worth a try!

Where to eat? What to do? Where to go?

These are but just a few of the common questions couples encounter in the course of a relationship, especially those that have been together for quite some time. Let’s face it, a few even find themselves being annoyed with how repetitive these questions come that it may sometimes lead to arguments, yikes!

Quite funnily, we got inspired during this year’s Gabii sa Kabilin to find some answers. While enjoying the various cultural sites before midnight came, there were a few moments of uttering “Nindut mag date diri,” and thus, this article was born!

So if you’re looking for ideas for the next date night with your significant other (or a date with yourself, go for it!), here are some activities inspired by Gabii sa Kabilin.

Go on a Museum Date

Gabii sa Kabilin excites museum lovers because it’s that one night when Cebu’s cultural sites open simultaneously. Museum visits are not only a great chance to get in touch with our rich history, culture, and arts, but it’s also a great way of sparking conversations and trying to find common interests with the people you share these places with.

The same can go for your date—it’s a great way to enjoy the city while having the chance to get to know each other from the conversations you’ll build stimulated by the multiple sights you’ll see. You’ll definitely get acquainted with the other party more on a deeper level after an exchange of opinions, plus, it’s quite a breather from the usual setting of sitting across each other over dinner or coffee. 

Luckily for us, Cebu is blessed with many cultural sights you can check out. Casa Gorordo, Museo Sugbo, Yap-Sandiego House, the 1730 Jesuit House, and the RAFI Kabilin Center are just a few that are within walking distance from each other! We definitely had quite a good time exploring these places during Gabii Sa Kabilin!

Go on a Food Trip at The Barracks

One of the highlights of this year’s Gabii sa Kabilin was the grand launch of The Barracks Hawker Center at the Carbon Public Market, where a wide variety of food choices and drinks can be found.

We were quite amazed to see various shops and stalls serving the huge crowd that night, and our eyes (and stomachs) really feasted on those goodies! From fruit shakes to snacks, grilled food, lechon, and even the famous tuslob buwa, you’ll definitely find something that will leave you busog after your date here.

So if you’re the type of couple (or single!) who honestly can’t decide what food to choose, just drop by The Barracks where choices run abundant!

The Barracks is located at Freedom Park, Carbon. You may find out more through their Facebook page.

Support the Local Music Scene

Apart from cultural sites, Gabii sa Kabilin has also slowly become a night of celebrating the local music scene.

This year, the crowd was serenaded by beautiful sounds of Lourdes Maglinte, Jewel Villaflores, Keith Human, and Mampor & Me which served as a great way to relax and enjoy the night breeze in between visits to the other cultural sites. We also found ourselves singing along to a few familiar songs amidst the little crowds that gathered. 

Why not consider doing the same on your next date? Listening to live music from our local bands can be another great way to just chill together and enjoy each others’ presence. It’s also a good idea to learn about each other’s taste in music without the awkward silence in between! You might also be a chance to show a few of your moves when the music is upbeat!

Take a Long Walk

Despite fulfilling those 10,000 steps on a single night (which admittedly left some of us feeling tired), the memory was still fun due to the company and the conversations we had in between visiting the different sites.

Imagine taking this kind of intimate long walk with a special someone in the cool night breeze of Cebu! Quite honestly, this kind of date is kind of underrated. It’s really a good way of knowing someone without any distractions.

Through long walks, you get to focus on each other’s presence without phones (for safety!) and kick in a bit of cardio too, without spending a lot! You might also witness some interesting people and events during your walk, so we really recommend this kind of date night to deepen that connection! For singles out there, night walks with yourself are also a great way to calm those thoughts!