How to Make Your Home a Place for Wellness

How to Make Your Home a Place for Wellness

There's no place like home, but when it's where you spend most of your time these days, it's important to still make it more relaxing. Turn it into a wellness sanctuary with these simple tips!

There is indeed no place like home and it is where you should feel well – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

With COVID still lurking around, it might be best to turn your home into a melting pot of wellness. It is the safest place for you to be without worries, after all. But it might be arduous to start turning your home into one, so allow us to introduce a couple of ways to help make your home your own wellness sanctuary.

Include aromatherapy in your self-care routine

We can’t stress enough how important self-care is especially now. In order to start doing, you need to start feeling well about yourself first.

So to up your wellness game at home, try lighting a scented candle and putting a few drops of Anapanasati aromatherapy oils into your bath while getting lost in your current book. A blend of lavender and peppermint scent is perfect for when you are winding down to get ready for bed. 

Practice the habit of minimalism

Yeah, we know, we know! It sounds intimidating, but if there’s one thing you should start doing, it’s getting rid of stuff you don’t actually need or use. Ask yourself how certain things serve your life right now and get rid of those that don’t serve a purpose anymore. Trust us, watching your home free of unnecessary things makes you think and feel a lot better. It can get a little overwhelming, so you may start with easy-to-do challenges day by day, like Day 1: Decluttering your workspace, Day 2: Practicing single-tasking, Day 3: Cleaning up your desktop and inbox, to slowly learn the habit first.

Repaint your walls with calming hues

Nothing beats entering into a place that makes you feel calm and light just by being enveloped with calming colors. If you want to veer away from the conventional all-white walls, then mixing two neutral colors might be good. Try giving grays and browns a go! 

Fill it with good scents

Our sense of smell plays a big role in making our home a wellness place. It’s as if you have your own spa right when you enter. Try putting a Luscent scented candle in areas of your home like the entryway or foyer, and it will give your place an instant nice touch of wellness. 

Dedicate a wellness nook to create a relaxing environment

A wellness nook is something that allows you to do some wellness rituals, like reading, thinking, and journaling. It can also be the best place just to stay still. It doesn’t even have to be an entire room. It can be just your bedroom or by the window with comfy window seats where you can be wrapped in a comfy throw blanket. 

Making your home a wellness place is a great way to improve the quality of your life. While it’s demanding and time-consuming to do so, at the end of the day, it’s all going to be worth it once you see and feel its benefits to your wellbeing.