Rho-Ann and Mama Z: Cultivating Beauty and Happiness for 25 Years

Rho-Ann and Mama Z: Cultivating Beauty and Happiness for 25 Years

With Flowers by Mama Z, Rho-Ann Jancinal and mom Zenaida share a passion for flowers and creating bespoke arrangements for special occasions.

Flowers by Mama Z, a family-owned business, has blossomed into a beloved institution in the floral industry over the past 25 years. Founded by Rho-Ann Jancinal’s mother, Zenaida a.k.a. Mama Z, the business thrives on passion, perseverance, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.

“Flowers hold a special place in people’s lives, and being able to make my clients happy and cater to their flower-bouquet needs based on their budget is what I love most about what I do,” says Mama Z.

From its humble beginnings selling flowers in bunches at Carbon Freedom Park, the business has evolved and adapted to the changing market. “When the pandemic struck, we had to find new ways to reach our customers. We embraced online sales and partnered with third-party delivery services to ensure our clients could still get the flowers they desired,” shares Rho-Ann.

Efficient resource management and meticulous planning of flower cultivation have been essential in overcoming the challenges of running the business. “We plan our flower cultivation throughout the year, considering important events and seasons. This allows us to offer a wide variety of flowers and meet the demands of our clients,” explains Mama Z.

Flowers by Mama Z’s greatest strength lies in their expertise in growing and nurturing their own flowers. “Being able to grow our own flowers gives us control over the quality of the products we offer. It also enables us to be flexible and cater to clients’ budgets, which helps build customer loyalty,” says Mama Z.

For those aspiring to pursue their own business venture, Mama Z offers advice from her experience.

Believe in yourself and your ideas. Follow your passion and never give up on your dreams. Surround yourself with positive people who support and encourage you. And always strive to create value and make a positive impact on society.

Mama Z

Flowers hold immense significance beyond their aesthetic appeal for Mama Z. “Flowers are a language of emotions. They can convey joy during celebrations and offer comfort during times of grief. Working with flowers is not just a job for me; it’s a way to spread happiness and positivity.”

Flowers by Mama Z at the g.spot There She Goes! event in March 2023

Among the diverse array of flowers, Mama Z’s personal favorite is the Chrysanthemum, particularly the Malaysian mums. “I love the resilience of these flowers. They thrive wherever they are planted, and their strong stems and beautiful petals captivate me,” she reveals.

Crafting floral designs and arrangements involves a combination of creativity, skill, and knowledge. “Understanding the client’s needs and preferences is crucial. I select the right flowers based on color, texture, and seasonality. Then, I determine the arrangement style and fine-tune the design to exceed the client’s expectations,” explains Mama Z.

Flowers by Mama Z has become a haven of beauty and happiness, transforming clients’ desires into breathtaking floral creations. With their unwavering dedication, genuine passion, and commitment to customer satisfaction, this family business continues to flourish, leaving an enduring mark in the hearts of those who encounter their enchanting floral arrangements.

Order your flowers for special occasions through the Flowers by Mama Z webstore or send them a message on Instagram.