4 Ridiculously Comfortable Footwear from Reef for Your Next Beach Outing

4 Ridiculously Comfortable Footwear from Reef for Your Next Beach Outing

Summer's never over, especially when you live in Cebu! Here are some chic yet functional sandals from REEF you can rock all year long.

If you’re a gal who loves good quality and yet super comfortable footwear, then this is for you!

Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, two entrepreneurial brothers who founded the brand Reef, have been in the industry for quite some time and have been creating sandals that anyone can wear anywhere comfortably. And because of their dedication and passion, the innovations that started in 1984 have evolved into the Reef sandals we love today.

Reef offers both men’s and women’s footwear as well. Here are my top favorites that you should check out too!

Cushion Remi Hi

The first choice is the Cushion Remi Hi. Just look at how comfortable it looks, while also giving you some height. Straps hug your foot snugly, and it comes with a comfy elastic backstrap! It comes in different colors and best of all—straps are 100% made from post-consumer plastic material! Overall it’s cute and comfortable!

Cushion Bondi Bay

Next up is the Cushion Bondi Bay. It’s a perfect pair for your beach OOTDs because it is lightweight and water-friendly. It’s also great for everyday wear with its flexible footbed that makes it suitable for all-day walking needs.

Reef Water Vista

Have you tried wearing wet sandals or any footwear? Doesn’t that feel squeamish? My next favorite, the Reef Water Vista, has water-friendly straps with an espadrille-inspired texture that makes it quick to dry and comfortable when wet. So when you use it at the beach or on a rainy day, you wouldn’t have to worry about walking uncomfortably.

Cushion Sage Hi

If you’re into cushy clogs, the Cushion Sage Hi might make it to your favorites! It is one of their bestselling designs with soft, buttery-suede upper features. A little fun fact: The leathers they used are sourced from the most responsible, environmentally ethical tanneries. Truly sustainable!

From the beach, into town, and wherever you want to go, make it a comfortable and stylish walk with Reef footwear. Check out these sandals and more at Res Toe Run in Ayala Center Cebu and Robinsons Galleria Cebu, GRIND in Ayala Center Cebu, and R.O.X. in Ayala Center Cebu.