5 Dreamy Pieces from Lines & Colors That’ll Make Your Home More Stylish

5 Dreamy Pieces from Lines & Colors That’ll Make Your Home More Stylish

g.spot editor-in-chief Patty Taboada handpicks five must-have pieces for your home from Cebuano brand Lines & Colors Home Decor.

After a rather intensive home renovation to deal with the aftermath of Typhoon Odette, to say that I’m interested in furniture and home décor is an understatement.

(I’m obsessed.)

Much of the past year has been spent decorating my new bedroom. It’s the first space I’ve really been able to design on my own terms, and it’s been fun—although mildly frustrating—to do so with an almost blank canvas. Name every home store and department in Cebu, and you can bet I’ve combed through their physical stores and websites for hours on end, trying to make sense of my preferred aesthetic while resisting the urge to purchase everything I found cute.

And I thought I’d been everywhere at this point, but it wasn’t until fellow g.spot writer Dee Valle slid into my DMs about a new one that I knew I just had to check out for myself.

Lines & Colors Home Decor was established as a direct-to-consumer furniture and home decor company to provide clients with access to a world of furniture design with high quality and affordable prices. General Manager Charlene Badilles describes the Lines & Colors aesthetic as “soft, delightful, beautiful.”

“I personally have always had a love for furniture and seeing the beauty and impact furniture has on a space really inspired us to open a furniture and home decor business in Cebu,” she shares. “We want to bring all styles to our clients so they can design their space with no limits. Nothing makes us happier than for our clients to live their best life in environments that encourage their self-expression and embody their distinct styles and values.”

After a visit to the Lines & Colors Showroom in Mandaue, here are five seven of my personal favorites from their current collection.

Avanse Desk with Cabinet

What’s not to love about the Avanse Desk? I know I did so much, I ended up buying it on the spot—much to the amusement of g.spot Head of Production Deneb Batucan and Junior Creative Lorraine Arguilles.

From looks alone, the unique gold hardware looks classy against the beautiful creamy color. The three drawers provide more than enough storage, and the surface offers enough real estate to serve as a dresser or a workstation. Don’t be fooled by its compact size though—you can extend the table, and it even swivels to an L-shape to fit any space and need.

Clovert Lamp

I love a multifunctional piece, and the sleek Clovert Lamp fits the bill perfectly. Besides being the ideal lamp to bring in some mood lighting to your home, its stem also has a small table of sorts that you can style with more décor, a small plant, or even use as an end table or a bedside table if you’re limited on space. The black and gold finish, along with the translucent dome, add a touch of elegance.

Ricee Side Table

Lines & Colors’ Ricee Side Table doesn’t look like your usual side table, and that’s what makes it so appealing. The unique shape lets this piece be versatile—consider using it as an end table in your den to hold chips and drinks on your next movie night in, or make it a portable laptop desk that you can set up anywhere in your home.

Teddy Lounge Chairs

This is technically considered cheating because I can’t pick one, but listen—if you live with five double-coated dogs as I do, a chair made of teddy material may not be the best option. So I’ll have to settle for admiring in the form of writing and hoping I budol someone.

Teddy is big in my social media algorithms right now, and after seeing and feeling it in the Lines & Colors showroom, I get it. The neutral colors of these chairs go with anything, and the material adds visual and sensory texture. Plus, it just feels so comfortable, like a grown-up version of a teddy bear.

Etric Round Table

I’m a sucker for a piece of furniture that serves its purpose well while also looking like an architectural piece. If I were in the market for a new dining table (alas, I am not), this would be my pick from Lines & Colors’ current catalog. The juxtaposition of the smooth table surface with the lines of the base, with this beautiful warm wood as a canvas, makes this dining table look extraordinary while still perfectly functional.

Besides being in the retail business, Lines & Colors also offers contract services for residences, offices, and commercial spaces. It’s personalized for each client, whether your aesthetic is industrial, Japandi, classic, or even eclectic.

Visit the Lines & Colors showroom along 2348A H. Abellana Street, Canduman, Mandaue City. Open daily from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Check out their other retail offerings and portfolio of contract services on their website, or follow them on Instagram. — with interviews by g.spot intern Chamae Quiachon