6 Tips to be Summer-Ready

6 Tips to be Summer-Ready

Ladies, it’s that time of the year again when we flaunt our beautiful beach bodies and wear our best swimwear. Yes, summer is here! You might have some plans on how to spend it this season. Whether you’re going out or staying indoors, you will totally feel the summer heat!

While we soak ourselves out in the sun this beautiful summer season, let’s not forget that heat can seriously harm and damage our skin especially with constant sun exposure. But don’t worry, we’ll help you cool down this summer! 

Here are some simple ways to get you through this extremely hot weather:

Drink plenty of water

Being hydrated is important especially during summer! The heat makes our bodies lose more water through sweating. Even when we’re not doing anything, we sweat because of the warm temperature. Some of us are not fans of drinking water (me included *sigh*) But if you can, try to make it a habit as this will help replenish and prevent you from being dehydrated.

Wear sunscreen

Although we love sunlight and it makes for the perfect lighting to take awesome pictures with, the sun’s UV rays can also be harmful. Sun damages skin; constant exposure can cause aging, sunburns, and even skin cancer. Wearing your preferred sunscreen will give you protection from the sun as this helps block those rays. If you haven’t already, make sure to add this to your skincare, ladies! This is a must!

Apply lip balm

While protecting our skin, it’s also important to take care of our lips. Our lips tend to dry out when exposed to extreme cold or hot weather causing them to crack (yikes). When this happens, it can be painful. Applying and reapplying lip balm throughout the day can help retain moisture and avoid chapped lips. 

Bring an extra set of clothes

While summer is all about wearing bikinis, tank tops, shorts, or anything that shows more skin, a little coverage to protect yourself from the sun goes a long way. Aside from sunscreen, you can use caps, sunglasses, and clothing pieces (e.g. sarongs and scarves) that can help you have more protection under the sun. As much as we love to flaunt some skin, it is important to protect it as well.


It is important to have your lotion and moisturizers ready during this time as our skin tends to dry out even faster. If you already have it in your skincare routine, make sure it has SPF as well as moisture-retaining properties. One useful tip is to apply it right after you get out of the shower before drying off to lock in moisture. 

Apply minimal makeup

Going natural and embracing the “less is more” mentality can be a good practice this summer. Some makeup formulations just aren’t made for summer and can be difficult to wear out. But if you want a little glam to let yourself shine despite the heat, go for a tinted sunscreen that can protect your face and conceal some blemishes. Add a hint of blush for that healthy pinkish glow and you’re all set! That’s how you show that summer glow in a simple yet natural-looking way. 

These are just some simple tips you can make a habit of to help you fight this unrelenting summer heat. Let’s not forget to take care of ourselves and our skin as this keeps us youthful and healthy.