A Romantic Night at Napoli with Seda Hotel

A Romantic Night at Napoli with Seda Hotel

It was a night filled with fresh pizza, finger food, cocktails, and catching up with beautiful people in Italian-inspired outfits.

It was one rainy, gloomy night, yet the spirits of both guests and hosts remained sunny and curious about the night’s order of events.

Seda Ayala Center Cebu’s Night at Napoli held last July 29, 2022, started off busy with the unexpected visit of July’s rain as media and influencers started arriving, but the consequential transfer indoors led to an even more intimate vibe fitting for the mood as everyone came in their Italian-inspired outfits.

Cebu media and influencers, along with g.spot’s Chennie Montero (11th from left) and Francesca Fernandez (6th from right) with the Seda Ayala Center Cebu team.

Aside from being Seda’s first event with media after a two-year hiatus, the night became even more meaningful as they explained the purpose behind the event.

True to their mission of business for a purpose, A Night in Napoli was celebrated to highlight Seda’s mission to collaborate with local businesses, in this case, Pizza Therapy and Pili and Pino. Thus, the guests enjoyed the following during the three-hour gathering: unlimited freshly cooked pizza from Pizza Therapy, cocktails, and finger food elevated by Pili and Pino’s products.

Pili and Pino

Finger food by Pili and Pino

Pili and Pino serves a variety of locally produced goods, with jams of various flavors, granolas, and nuts on its wide menu. Aside from the delicious products, what makes them admirable is its mission of being a sustainable brand while supporting local farmers. All their products are scouted from local farmers in the Philippines, making each purchase from their brand a good way of helping our local farmers.

Pili and Pino’s products are featured on a daily basis in Seda’s breakfast buffet. You may learn more about them through their Facebook.

Pizza Therapy

Pizza Therapy Cebu is known for its Neopolitan-inspired hand-tossed pizzas fresh off the oven. Each pizza they serve is quite an experience, with the perfect mixture of spices, cheese, and toppings. Unlike its fast food counterparts, their pizzas are not greasy and are very much easy to munch on, making you reach for more pizza slices than you initially planned. 

Pizza Therapy’s freshly-baked pizzas will be available at Seda’s lunch buffet every Sunday from 11:30 am-2:00 pm. You may learn about them through their Facebook and Instagram.

Cardinal Rosales Ave., Cebu Business Park

Photos by Francesca Fernandez