4 Filipino Movies You and Your Mom Can Enjoy Watching Together

4 Filipino Movies You and Your Mom Can Enjoy Watching Together

Spend time with mom doing a binge-watch of these mom-centric Filipino movies. Get the popcorn ready!

Do you prefer watching movies alone or with someone? 

For me, I enjoy watching movies with someone because I find doing it alone is boring.

Although we have different preferences, I personally think watching movies is better when you have company. You get to share the laughter, confusions, and jump scares when watching a movie or series together.

Since we are celebrating Mother’s Day all month long, let me take you through a list of movies you and your mom — together with your family — can enjoy watching. Get the popcorn ready, it’s time for a binge.


First on the list is Anak, a classic tear-jerker. Directed by Rory Quintos, Anak revolves around the life of Josie (Vilma Santos), who dedicated almost half her life as a domestic helper in Hong Kong to provide for her family. After years of being abroad, little did she know how her absence affected her children, especially her daughter Carla (Claudine Barretto). After watching this movie, you’ll thank your mothers for all their hard work.

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Ang Tanging Ina

Another classic Filipino family film you should not miss! If you have watched Ang Tanging Ina — which I have plenty of times — maybe this is a sign to watch it again. Following the bankruptcy of their transportation business and the death of three husbands, Ina Montecillo (Ai-Ai de las Alas), a mother of 12 children, struggles to provide for her family. Her attempts to hide her struggles instead make her a part of her children’s problems. Although this is a comedy film, there will be moments where you can’t help yourself but cry. 

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Miss Granny

An adaptation of the South Korean film of the same name, Miss Granny tells the story of Feliza “Fely” Malabaño (Nova Villa), a widow who works in a carinderia along with her close friend Bert (Boboy Garovillo). One day, she went into a mysterious photo studio to have her photo taken and instead was magically transformed into the body of her 20-year-old self (Sarah Geronimo). Miss Granny teaches us a lot of lessons. And for the information of everyone, this movie made me cry a bucket of tears! I can’t wait for you guys to watch this movie as well. 

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Enough with tear-jerking movies! Let’s end your bingeing with Momzillas, a comedy by Wenn V. Deramas. Clara del Valle (Maricel Soriano) and Minerva Capistrano (Eugene Domingo), two women who once fought over the same man, cross paths once more when their children (Billy Crawford and Andi Eigenmann, respectively) decide to get married. Their decades-old rivalry escalates until circumstances bring them to a deserted island. In order to survive, they learned to set aside their differences and work with each other.

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Although there are plenty of movies you could watch, these four are my top recommendations! I hope you guys will enjoy them as much as I did!