How “Everything Everywhere All at Once” Changed My Perspective on Life

How “Everything Everywhere All at Once” Changed My Perspective on Life

Curious about this sleeper hit starring Michelle Yeoh? Here's why people are all over it on social media—and rightfully so!

Everything Everywhere All at Once is truly a beautiful piece of art that best attempts to explain the infinite-ness of our lives and our beings.

In its out-of-the-box splendor, it made me feel every range of emotion that true living makes us feel. This movie will overwhelm you in so many ways because it perfectly zooms in on the many tiny details that make up our lives. And once it establishes all the infinite specifics, it zooms your perspective out where you see your whole life in one big picture and you realize—a lot of those tiny life details truly don’t matter at all yet it’s also some of those little things that make life full of joy. Everything matters but not all of them matter at all.

It’s these mind-blowing ironies of life and living that make this movie so enthralling—almost like an out-of-body experience. After watching it for the first time, I’m filled with a sense of completion, as if I’ve traveled through all the universes where I exist and have literally seen and experienced everything and everywhere.

In this journey of a film, I’ve come to realize that no matter what universe you exist in, we are all living in a constant cycle of shit. But in the seemingly endless occurrence of shit, there are things and beings that allow us to break out from all the shit we experience and give us the relief we call joy. Happiness comes in all kinds of forms, and somehow, it just makes everything click at the right places and makes life worth our while.

But of course, the multiverse is a complex and infinite number of places and happenings all at once, and it can become too much for us tiny specks that reside in it. There are times when we just feel like throwing everything into a bagel-shaped blackhole where it can longer try to make us feel any type of way.

When this happens—when it feels like the multiverse is falling apart, giving up and throwing everything away means disallowing yourself of truly living life. True living is allowing yourself to experience everything and I mean everything.

Photo: A24

Every time we feel sad and alone is an opportunity for us to feel warm, happy, and contented. Every time we get scared and freeze up in an unknown situation is an opportunity for us to choose to be brave and become someone’s savior. Every time we feel angry and disappointed is an opportunity for us to feel relief and at peace with the way we live. Isn’t it an amazing feat to experience being human after all?

This movie just changed my whole perspective of life, its many intricacies and standards, and ultimately, how we should be living it. The multiverse might be too much for our brains to fully comprehend, but life can actually be quite simple. You just need to choose how to live it.

How? Always with kindness, always with joy, and always with love.