Music Export 101: Boutique Conference + Artist Showcase to Spark International Opportunities for Filipino Artists

Music Export 101: Boutique Conference + Artist Showcase to Spark International Opportunities for Filipino Artists

Music enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, artists, and producers are gearing up for an exciting event as "Music Export 101: Boutique Conference + Artist Showcase" descends upon Cebu this Friday, August 18.

Hosted by White Brick Creative Studio, 22 Tango Music Group, British Council Philippines, Sonik Philippines, Homonym, and the Department of Trade and Industry, the event promises an afternoon of insights and an evening of electrifying performances, all aimed at propelling Filipino artists onto the global stage. 

Held at the vibrant Making Space on the third floor of Mango Square Mall, the conference will run from 1:30 to 6 p.m., leading into an artist showcase at 8 p.m. The collaborative effort aims to empower local musicians with knowledge on exporting their music to a worldwide audience, enabling them to amplify their creative pursuits, expand their fan base beyond borders, and navigate the intricacies of global music distribution.

The event will feature four dynamic sessions: 

  1. Growing Your Fanbase in Foreign Markets – Panelists Satria Ramadhan (Indonesia), Cat Lazarra (UK), and Nunari Amalia (Asia) will share their insights. 
  2. What is Music Export? – Mike Constantino (Sonik Philippines), Lazarra, and Amalia will demystify the concept. 
  3. How to Apply/Participate in Music Festivals – Dylan Amirio, also known as LOGIC LOST (Indonesia), Andy Jones (UK), and Ramadhan will guide attendees through the festival landscape.
  4. How the Government Support Fuels the Exploration of Filipino Music – Lazarra, Constantino, and Camila Anino (Spain) will discuss the crucial role of governmental support. 

The post-conference spotlight will shift to the captivating artist showcase, where Cebuano talents like TREV, Dom Guyot, 22 Tango’s Jericho Streegan and Julia Q, Kubra Commander, and Indonesia’s LOGIC LOST will take the stage at 8 p.m. Before that, at 6 p.m., a singer-songwriter showcase will showcase Nomer, Criszzia, GL, Iano, and Paula Pagalan.

Leading the event are Cattski Espina, founder of 22 Tango, and Mike Constantino, CEO of Homonym. “Music Export 101” is an integral part of Homonym’s “Sonik Sessions,” the Philippines’ premier international music conference and artist showcase. Notably, this marks the first instance of a Sonik Session event being hosted outside of Manila.

Cebu’s unique charm adds to the event’s appeal. As Espina shared, “Cebu is perfect because it’s not the usual (location for a music conference) as they often happen in Manila. This will help put Cebu on the map.” Espina and Constantino, both delegates chosen by the British Council, were inspired to bring this event to fruition after participating in “The Great Escape” festival in Brighton, England, last May. The insights gained from international platforms like this underscore the potential for Filipino artists to shine globally.

With “Music Export 101,” Espina aspires to empower local talents to expand their horizons beyond their home turf. “The goal is to empower artists to look beyond Cebu or the Philippines. This will equip them with the necessary knowledge to do just that,” Espina stated.