Wavy Baby Artists You Should Add to Your Playlist

Wavy Baby Artists You Should Add to Your Playlist

New year, new music to vibe to. Check out these Wavy Baby artists that might just hook your heart with a melody or two!

It’s gonna be wavy, baby! Wavy Baby Music Festival, the biggest music fest in Cebu, is happening in a few days—on Sinulog weekend, January 13 and 14, 2023, for anyone under a rock who doesn’t know.

So we thought it would be key to prep you up and get to know some of the amazing artists who will be performing on the Wavy Baby stage!

James Reid, the founder of Careless Music and the brains behind the music festival, said there will be some exciting surprises during the two-day event. “There will be a lot of unreleased tracks and we’re gonna have our own segment, which is gonna be different from the rest of the line-up, so it should be exciting,” he said.

With a roster that’s filled up with a mix of international and local artists, Wavy Baby is sure to be something you wouldn’t want to miss!

Check out some of the artists below and get wavy before the weekend starts!

Issa Pressman

This go-getter might have so many things on her plate with her creative and entrepreneurial pursuits from fashion, photography, writing, and even pet accessories she’s got her hands full. But this girl won’t stop and can’t stop; she’s keen on unleashing her creativity in songs too.

Issa’s got a vibe that’s irresistible, it’s almost addicting. Her creativity just drips all over everything she touches, including her music!

Issa will be releasing two new tracks on the Wavy Baby stage! “You’ll see the variations from my first song to these two new ones. I think I’m finding (my sound)!”

Add her groovy track, Monkey Business, to your playlists today!


Jolianne’s sentimental lyrics coupled with her silky-smooth and mesmerizing runs is simply sublime. The up-and-coming R&B-pop singer hails from Cebu where she found a community for her music. “If it weren’t for the Cebuano artists that pushed me and told me that they believed in my music, I wouldn’t have pushed this far,” she shared.

There’s a certain kind of warmth in Jolianne’s music that comforts the listener as she strings her lyrical narratives with her enthralling melodies. Any of her songs are worth putting on your playlists for sure!

Check out her music on Spotify!


Lesha is a self-produced artist who has been producing songs from her bedroom since she had an interest in music when she was young. From filling her Soundcloud with covers of her favorite songs to jotting down her own lyrics and coming up with her own beats and sounds, Lesha has unleashed her heart and soul in the music she shares with the world.

“It’s really cool that I’m here now working with these great artists, producers, and writers,” she shares. “As long as you’re resourceful, you’ll get somewhere. Just find a way.”

Lesha will be performing some unreleased tracks during her Wavy Baby stage! Definitely something you shouldn’t miss out on.

Take a peek at Lesha’s artistry on Spotify!

August Wahh

This native from General Santos City has had a pretty long career in the indie music scene, with over 12 years of experience. She has even worked with prolific artists like Erykah Badu and crwn! But now, August Wahh has truly found herself and her sound in her dreamy neo-soul tracks.

As someone who creates and uses music as catharsis, there’s one thing that’s essential for August Wahh in her creative process. “It’s being able to express your individuality, you know, not compromising anything,” she shares. And true enough, August Wahh shines brightly in all her songs.

Check out her soothing and soulful music on Spotify!

Wavy Baby Music Festival will be on January 13-14, 2023, at the Marreco Lot (beside Bai Hotel), North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City.

The festival has an irresistible roster of artists like international performers Pink Sweat$, BamBam, Sunmi, The Rose, Bag Raiders, Manila Grey, and Yultron. All artists signed under Careless namely James Reid, Massiah, Jolianne, Lesha, August Wahh, Issa, SOS, Destiny Rogers, and A-TEAM will also be performing. Other Filipino acts include Ben & Ben, December Avenue, Urbandub, Franco, Denise Julia, and more. The festival will also feature local Cebuano acts such as Cookie$, The Sundown, Mandaue Nights, Three Legged Men, and Wonggoys.

Check out their official Spotify playlist below and listen to your favorite Wavy Baby artists on repeat.

Tickets are still available on their website!

Follow Careless on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and Wavy Baby on Instagram.