4 Reasons to (Finally) Start Growing Your Own Produce

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There’s a lot of benefits that come with having vegetables and fruits growing right in your own garden. If you need a sign to get started, Sam Lincaro lists all the reasons to go for it.

What hobbies and interests have you developed over the course of the pandemic? Do they contribute well to your health and wellness? Aside from redecorating, reorganizing, and cultivating houseplants, I’ve also been learning to grow backyard produce from no less than my 64-year-old dad. He’s been cultivating his garden depending on the season. He grows root crops, vegetables, fruits, and a few herbs and spices. 

Gardening may be new to me, but not the thought of trying it out myself because I grew up watching my dad spending time and energy on his fresh produce garden. Over the course of the pandemic, I found myself falling in love with this hobby as I watch him live life simply, happily, and most importantly, healthily. I believe that the big part of how he’s living life the way he does is his love for gardening. But what about it is so fascinating that makes you do so? Read on as I share with you what I learned from him!

It gives you a sense of purpose to wake up in the morning

Growing your own produce makes you want to get out of bed early apart from the tons of reasons you already have. It makes you get up early because you’re happy to watch them grow healthy.

It gives you something to look forward to

Having something to look forward to like seeing your vegetables and fruits producing their first bearing gives you a great feeling especially during these uncertain times. The mere anticipation definitely helps.

It keeps you moving

Because cultivating means taking care of your produce, there is always a reason for you to move around. This includes watering, checking in on some pests and insects, and keeping the whole area clutter-free. While these activities may be tedious sometimes, it helps you get a dose of Vitamin D too.

It provides you fresh and healthy produce without draining your pockets

Last, but not the least, of course, is the fact that growing your own produce helps you and your family in making sure that you’re consuming healthy products. And oh, the sight of lush greens in your urban space is definitely (and literally) a treat for your eyes!

With the pandemic still around these days, keeping our mind, body, and entire well-being and getting rid of toxicities are very essential. These are only some of the many positive things that gardening can do for us. But, whatever hobby you want to try, always make sure to consider your wellbeing on top of everything. 

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