In an #OOTD Rut? Raid Your Boyfriend’s Closet for These 3 Stylish ‘fit Ideas!

In an #OOTD Rut? Raid Your Boyfriend’s Closet for These 3 Stylish ‘fit Ideas!

When you're running out of clothes to wear and your next order from Shein or Zalora hasn't arrived yet, grab these three staples from your boyfriend's closet!

Have you ever heard a woman say she has enough clothes in her closet? I bet you haven’t.

We, women, are always caught in the dilemma of having nothing to wear regardless of the size of our wardrobe, never mind the package we got from Shein or Shopee just a couple of days ago. 

If ‘mixing and matching’ is not working and repeating the outfit is not an option, maybe all you need to do is open that closet next to yours to find the answer. Yes, I am talking about your man’s dresser. On the fence about the idea of wearing your boyfie’s shirt or hubbo’s suit? Maybe you should scroll more below to convince yourself.

Polo Shirt

Featuring one of the most common shirts in the country making rounds last year online, this color-block polo from Uniqlo is not just for men, but for women too! The oversized top + miniskirt combo couldn’t be more perfect. And who says you can’t wear his collared shirt? Tsk!

Button-Down Shirt

Need I say more about this? Just imagine waking up in the morning wearing your BF’s shirt as you get up from bed to get a cup of coffee. But beyond that idea, you can also use his shirt as cover-up outside the bedroom, and literally outside the house when you go shopping.

Hooded Jacket

One of the old-fashioned definitions of cool is wearing a hooded jacket while out in the street.

While it may not be super cool for Gen Z-ers nowadays, it still holds its charm for some reasons. When you find yourself on a winter vacation with your hubbo or have nothing to wear on rainy days, you can always rely on his trusty jacket whenever you have an #OOTD crisis.

So if you are looking for reasons to shop for new clothes, maybe you should open the Pandora’s box that is your man’s closet first. You can thank me later!