This Clothing Brand Makes Bold Statements on Things That Matter

This Clothing Brand Makes Bold Statements on Things That Matter

Cebu-based brand is a fun and friendly clothing brand that aims to deliver powerful messages and promote social change. is a local clothing brand with a mission to create expressive and unique apparel that sheds light on social issues. What started as a casual conversation among friends over a cup of coffee has now turned into a powerful advocacy through clothing.

One of the standout designs from is the “No Catcalling” shirt, which caught the attention of many. The concept and message behind it are close to the hearts of its founder and owner, Kobe Go. “We strongly believe that catcalling is not a compliment,” he said. “Catcalling can make women feel that their values lie solely in how they look as opposed to what they think or things they can accomplish.”

The idea of incorporating a cat logo into the design came from Kobe, and he reached out to his talented friend Lance to create the eye-catching design that has now become’s hit piece. The “No Catcalling” shirt is a powerful statement against street harassment, and it has resonated with many who have experienced or witnessed catcalling.

For Kobe, shedding light on the catcalling issue is important because it needs to end. “It’s degrading,” he said. “It is one of the most common forms of street harassment that can happen to anyone, anywhere.” As a man, Kobe acknowledges that catcalling is not only disrespectful but also detrimental to everyone, especially women. “It makes women feel uncomfortable, objectified, and like they have no rights or values,” he added.

When asked about future designs, Kobe expressed his intention to continue addressing socially relevant topics. “Our game plan is to be friendly and socially relevant,” he said. “We want people to feel empowered when they wear our shirts.” The “No Catcalling” shirt is just the first collection from, and there’s more to come.

So how can people grab a hold of these powerful shirts?’s collection is currently available on their Instagram page. All it takes is a simple message to get your hands on these unique and meaningful pieces of clothing that make a statement and promote social change. is more than just a clothing brand; it’s a movement to raise awareness, empower individuals, and create a positive impact on society. With their distinctive designs and powerful messages, is sure to make waves, one shirt at a time.