Wonggoys and “Plastic”—A Culmination of 13 Years of Making Meaningful Music for the Cebuano Community

Wonggoys and “Plastic”—A Culmination of 13 Years of Making Meaningful Music for the Cebuano Community

The Wonggoys celebrate their 13 years in the music industry with a meaningful song about friendship and saving the environment.

With cozy rain humming in the background, media, family, friends, and fans huddled together during Wonggoy’s launch of their new song, “Plastic” last July 21, 2023, in time for “plastic-free July”. Food, booze, and quiet conversations surrounded Molave Kaffee and Bistro, setting up a warm mood that was quite reminiscent of the gigs we loved back in our college days.

As the night naturally passed by, the story behind their latest hit slowly unfolded.  “Plastic” is more than just Wonggoy’s latest release; It’s a song filled with many meanings and celebrations for the Wong brothers.

“Plastic” marks their 13 years in the music industry—an acknowledgment of their “Tito” status, signaling the birth of more responsible music for the brothers. While creating this song, the trio hoped this would serve as an “Anthem” to remind us of our basic 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and the great responsibility we have in taking care of mother nature.

We’ve been making music for 13 years and new artists look up to us, so we gotta be more responsible about what we sing because dako kaayo ang impact sa music.

Kyle Wong

And though the goal of this song might come off as serious, the sound and rhythm remain true to Wonggoy’s famous “chill” sound, making it an easy song to play on repeat for days. They also mentioned adding a double meaning to “plastic” by throwing in lyrics about “fake friendships”, a rather common occurrence for all of us and a reminder about genuine relationships.

“Plastic” is also a great celebration of Cebuano talent. All throughout the night, we saw how the Wonggoys gave their big appreciation for all the amazing people who helped them produce this song: Song producer Vince Lucero, Carlisle Tabanera, the man behind their upcoming music video; a Cebuano 3D toy creator from Lab Monkeys, the creators of “Goys”—eco-friendly action figure-like toys representing each member of the Wonggoys; their new management Black Straw Production Co., and their PR Michael Karlo Lim.

A few other Cebuano acts also serenaded the audience with their music – Sundown and Sansette. That night was indeed, a celebration of the beauty of collaboration among amazing Bisaya people. — with PR

Join the celebration and listen to “Plastic” through Wonggoy’s official Spotify.