8 Fascinating Spots in the Visayas That Are Said to Be Haunted

8 Fascinating Spots in the Visayas That Are Said to Be Haunted

The Visayas region has many tourists attractions to offer—including some for those inclined for mysteries. Here are some famous spots with haunting stories.

It’s kind of ironic how people still cover their eyes when they watch horror films or come off a bit hesitant when they voluntarily set foot in horror houses where they get the scare of their lives by people in costumes. Perhaps, they just can’t get enough of the adrenaline rush that gives them an experience they’ll never forget!

If you’re looking for that thrill you only get from experiencing sheer terror, then you should definitely check out these eight old, abandoned, and (possibly) haunted places in the Visayas.

Remember, visit at your own risk.

Ruins of Lupo — Altavas, Aklan

Let’s begin our spooky adventure in Altavas, Aklan. Did you know that there is an abandoned mall on top of the mountain in Brgy, Lupo, Altavas? It was supposed to be part of a commercial complex but the construction company discontinued operations several years ago.

Although we know that this building is man-made and hasn’t been around for a long time, the ruins of the mall give off the impression that fairies, elves, and dwarves live there. Being perched atop a mountain just adds to the spooky yet magical aura of it.

The Guisi Lighthouse — Guimaras

The Guisi Lighthouse or Faro de Punta Luzaran in Guimaras was an old structure built to help fishermen and sailors navigate their way to the Panay Gulf. The lighthouse is surrounded by the enchanting ruins of buildings that have long been abandoned after experiencing continuous thunderstorms during the Spanish era.

 Its haunting beauty makes us curious of its former glory, especially when it sits atop such a glorious cliff that provides the best view of the coast of Guimaras. 

Taytay Guba — Pototan, Iloilo

The Suage Bridge or Taytay Guba located in Pototan, Iloilo has a notorious reputation for being unfixable despite many attempts to repair it. Why, you might ask? A local legend states that the bridge needs constant repair  because of a ghost ship that passes under the bridge every night, breaking down the bridge’s foundation

It’s believed that the crew of this ghost ship are cursed pirates who used to terrorize trading ships during the Spanish era and that it continues to haunt its old route. So, whenever you decide to visit Iloilo, do yourself a favor and just take a long detour for safety reasons. Though if you’re feeling a bit brave, you can stay close to the Taytay Guba bridge at night and hopefully get a glimpse of this so-called ghost ship. 

University of the Philippines – Cebu Campus

Now, this list would not be complete without a scary, haunted school that has a dark past. Let’s now explore the University of the Philippines – Cebu Campus. Founded in 1918, it was around during World War II and was used by the Japanese Imperial Army as a stockade. With its dark history, it isn’t a surprise that students have experienced hauntings here.

A couple of students claimed to have witnessed and experienced paranormal activity within the school campus. From hearing the sound of dragging metal chains and screaming in empty restroom stalls, there have been numerous hauntings that have happened here. So if the lights start flickering in the hallway or if there’s a knock on the door during late-night study sessions, I’d advise you to run.

The Ruins — Talisay City, Negros Occidental

Tragic. That word best describes the history of The Ruins in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. The Ruins tells the story of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson who loved his wife, Maria Braga Lacson, so much that he built a mansion dedicated to her after she died during the birth of their 11th child. At the time of the Japanese Occupation, the mansion was purposely set on fire to prevent the Japanese troops from using it as their headquarters.

What should have been a symbol of everlasting love has then burned. Local lore says that there is a ghost that still roams the mansion guarding it from beyond the grave. The sightings have been of a lady all dressed in white, believed to be none other than Don Mariano’s wife, Maria.


If there’s a city to be wary of aswangs, then there is an entire island you have to look out for and that’s none other than Siquijor! It is known to be the Magic Island of the Philippines and is extremely famous for its shamans, sorcerers, witches. They even have magic potions that can curse anyone in an instant — or at least that’s what they say!

It’s common to find love potions or protective potions around the island, especially at tourist spots. These little anting-antings are not evil. A lot of their shamans practice herbal medicine and white magic, which have been passed from generations before them.

The island offers more than enchantment and superstitions. You’ll be captivated by its natural wonders.  The island is known for its century-old balete tree that is believed to be home to hundreds or thousands of enchanted beings. So when you plan on visiting this hauntingly beautiful and dangerously bewitching island, you must practice solemnity and respect towards nature and the locals who live there. Otherwise, you’ll be going home with a curse or two! 

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San Juanico Bridge — Leyte-Samar

The San Juanico Bridge is one of the longest bridges in the Philippines that connects the islands of Leyte and Samar. However, behind its glorious structure is a dark urban legend. It is believed that in order for the bridge to be built successfully, children were kidnapped and used as ritual offerings. Their throats were said to be slit mercilessly and their blood was then mixed with the cement that was used for building the bridge. Today, some people who drive by the bridge late at night have sworn to have seen these children who were victims of cruel torture, playing along the rails with some even begging for help.

Pagsanghan and Gandara, Samar

Have you ever heard of a phantom city somewhere between the towns Pagsanghan and Gandara in Samar? It is known as Biringan City and is said to be the home of enkantos. Word has it that only those who are invited to enter their place of dwelling can see it. 

Some fishermen who claimed to have seen it described Biringan City as a ‘black city’ that has advanced architecture far greater than New York. It is believed that some local townsfolk have vanished because they entered Biringan.

Once you set foot here, you can never return to the human world. So, if you’re visiting the towns of Pagsanghan and Gandara, make sure not to draw attention to yourself and don’t hang around huge trees because this is not a Wattpad story. When an enkanto becomes interested in you, it wouldn’t be the magical chick flick story you hoped it would be.

Have you visited these places yet? If you’re an adrenaline junkie fascinated with ghosts and the spirit world, then come and visit these eerie, haunted places and you might just score the jackpot when your ghost detector goes off! Just remember to respect these places and the beings that have been residing there just like any other person