Spruce up Your Home With These Vintage Pieces

Spruce up Your Home With These Vintage Pieces

Whatever the question is, vintage is always the answer. Sam Lincaro is here to provide you some ideas to classically stylize your home!

Are you also one who loves giving old finds a new home?

When you think of the word “vintage” what comes to mind first might be thrifted clothes, retro cameras, or even vinyl records. But what you don’t know is that there is so much more to that and you might be surprised at how finding vintage home pieces is just like finding treasures. Now, you may be thinking about how exactly you can do just that but it’s not a thing to worry about because we’re here to help you guys out!

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your space for a change of scenery and vibe at home but don’t want to get overwhelmed, you may start by collecting the small pieces first, then on to the bigger ones moving forward, one area at a time. Here are five vintage pieces that can take your space up a notch!

Farrah Solihiya Mirror from Rich Living Cebu

Nothing feels more vintage than this wall mirror that’s made of rattan by @richliving_cebu. It pairs well with cream-colored walls beside a plant, giving your bathroom that vintage-minimalist vibe.

Vintage Lamp-clock Combo from Retoro MD

Start and end your day right with the perfect view from your bedside! Manila-based online shop @retoro_md offers this cream-colored retro lamp and digital alarm clock in one that would definitely make a statement in your bedroom.

Barabara Office Chair from Among Balay

You’ve spruced up your bed and bathroom area and now, it’s time you shake things up a bit in your home office with this Barabara office chair from @amongbalay. This office chair screams total vintage without compromising the same comfort you get from modern office chairs.

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Mahogany Console Table from Balay Diseño

Welcome your guests with a striking console table like this from @balaydisenyo. Its soft edges easily give out a warm vibe to anyone, making it the perfect conversation starter. 

Cantilever Chair from Carriaga Family Furniture

Simple and straightforward yet stylish enough to liven up your dining room, these newly restored vintage cantilever chairs from @carriagafamilyfurniture are waiting to catch you after a long day.

Getting a home makeover can be a little expensive and overwhelming especially when we see a lot of our friends doing the same, too. It might be best if you keep your pace slow, keep an eye out for these local shops, and know what you really want. Whether you are up for a total makeover or just trying to test the waters first, what’s important is you do you!