Love vs. Career: When You Have to Choose Which One to Commit To

Love vs. Career: When You Have to Choose Which One to Commit To

Commitment—the thread tying around a relationship and career. But at some point, its bound to wear out, leading you to choose one over the other. Which would you hold on to?

Life always has its twisty tales directing us to our paths. It either leaves us with too little—or too many—options to choose from. I believe many of us have experienced the conflicting feeling of having to choose between a lot of significant things that play a major role in our lives, be it love, career, growth, self, and a lot more.

One of the most common disputes that we find ourselves in is the choice between career and love. If I were to ask you now, which one weighs more to you? Which one do you care about more, than you can let go of the other? Will you be siding with your career which can lead to self-fulfillment or will you choose love?

Let me tell you a story.

A woman is currently working here in the Philippines, working hard to make ends meet, striving to balance the necessities and luxuries. By managing her finances, she lives comfortably. She is also currently in a relationship and is perfectly content with the way things are.

One day, a family friend who owns a business in another country offers her a managerial position with compensation way beyond her expectations, and accommodations in a prime location. Besides paying off the expenses of training once she’s settled in, all expenses will be taken care of. A life-changing opportunity indeed. A rare chance of flipping her world upside down. A leap that she knows deep down, can bring her to the life she wanted to have for so long.

Guess what? She didn’t take it.

It took her less than a week to decide. It was a tough choice to make, but in the end, she said “No,” with conviction. It’s because of love.

Sure, there were a lot of factors to consider— leaving her comfort zone, the adjustment period, being away from her family and friends. But in her heart, she knew that the biggest portion of that decision lies in love.

She is the type of woman who can live alone and is very comfortable being alone, who enjoys new experiences and meeting new people.

She knew that taking this job would mean saving a fortune to travel, ticking off the things on her bucket list, and having an opportunity to build something for herself. But all the pros just can’t match the only one con—she just cannot be in a long-distance relationship. She can’t leave the love of her life behind and chase her dreams.

What fascinates me the most is what people can do because of love. As for me, her decision was purely emotion-based, but I wouldn’t judge her for that because it’s her choice, she chose her priorities, and what felt right at that time. For her, it was Love.

Have you ever been in that type of situation where you have to choose between a vital thing in your life versus love? As humans, we operate on logic and emotions; it’s just that most of us don’t know how to balance them. Some are more controlled by reasoning, others are by feelings.

I am not going to say to you which is which, or what’s more important, or what should you go for.

Anything that is up against love is a hard battle. Anything versus love is complicated and the thing that fights opposed to love is usually at the losing end. 

What if you didn’t choose love? That is okay too and that doesn’t make you heartless. Again, we do the things that feel right for us.

But if it’s love, then this will be my only wish for you—I wish that the love you choose is the love you deserve. A love that feels like home, both freeing and grounding at the same time. Gentle and kind, fierce and wild. A love that chooses you rather than being right, a love that chooses you over their ego and pride. A love that will never turn cold, A love that is warm and fuzzy even when you’re old. 

I hope you have that love because we deserve that love.