Tinder’s School of Swipe: That Dating App 101 We Never Knew We Needed

Tinder’s School of Swipe: That Dating App 101 We Never Knew We Needed

This month, Frankie Follows Tinder's School of Swipe, the definitive guide on how to win at the internet's most popular dating app.

Just as dating apps are slowly becoming normalized, a lot of us are left with questions on how to find better and more meaningful connections online. With the rapid number of users using the app, Tinder decided to introduce the School of Swipe in the Philippines, the third country to be graced with this gift. With a few features that are easily available online, Tinder provides us with tips that can help us course through this confusing world of online dating.

A guide for first-time users or those looking for ways to spice up their game!

So you’ve finally decided to try online dating apps and downloaded Tinder. Hooray—but what’s next? Some of us, new and old users, fall for a similar routine: we create bios out of whim, we swipe recklessly, and upon matching, we’re clueless as to how to go beyond mere matching.

Thankfully, Tinder saw this pattern and decided to serve us with their App Academy feature, a guide on how to elevate users’ online dating skills.

With App Academy, Tinder recommends three unique skills needed to become a more attractive user: a good profile, good conversation skills, and wise use of their features. With simple clicks, Tinder breaks down simple tips on how to create a more appealing profile (did you know the photo you use really matters?) as well as tips on how to avoid dry conversations.

Other than that, Tinder encourages users to explore their other features, such as Explore which encourages connection by introducing you to users with common interests as well as Boost, Superlike, Passport, and Block— essential features that can actually make your use of the app more seamless.

A guide to going beyond the app!

Tinder’s School of Swipe takes a step further by going beyond online dating. Of course, in the journey of getting to know someone, meeting face-to-face is inevitable if your goal is to find a deeper connection (or a hook up- no judgments here).

With IRL Dating 101, Tinder shares a few tips on how to smoothly go through physical dates, becoming the “ate” you need as you nervously think of what to wear, where to meet, and how to go through a conversation with someone you met for the first time.

Tinder also prioritizes safety in using the app with the introduction of the Safety Syllabus and Consent. With these two features, you’ll surely become more mindful of red flags while placing your mind more at ease with the knowledge you have! From tips on how to progress your connection with someone safely online to steps on how to report those red flags, these features will definitely make you feel safer since online dating can be quite a scary thing for a lot of us!

Go ahead, start swiping!

So there you have it gals! This only takes a few minutes of your time, so take a quick tour of Tinder’s School of Swipe! Though learning about dating through friends and social media (yes, we’re guilty of watching those Tiktok vids too!) is fun, School of Swipe can become that more reliable guide since it’s carefully curated by Tinder itself to apply to a wide audience while considering safety and fun at the same time!

Equipped with the basic know-how and tips carefully curated by the team behind Tinder themselves, start swiping and please, landi responsibly!

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