Single Lives (Really) Matter

Single Lives (Really) Matter

Being heartbroken doesn't mean you're not worth it. Be empowered in your single status this Valentine's Day and remember just how much you truly matter.

Who got their hearts broken during the month of hearts?

Getting dumped, ghosted, breadcrumbed, or friend-zoned on Valentine’s month is not the best feeling in the world. I know a few who got their hearts stolen, beaten, and broken. Ugh! Just imagine all the emotional baggage and how it is taking a toll on your mental health.

Though a breakup before or after the Day Of Hearts still stings, it doesn’t have to be the worst experience. This is your time to rebrand Valentine’s Day to be “Your Day”! It may not feel like it right now, but don’t dwell too much on the day of romance. As they all say, there the skies will clear up soon and you can see a rainbow after the storm. You got this, girl!

Fearless and Independent

You probably heard phrases and the receiving end of the phrases of “being too clingy” or “too demanding”. This is your chance to prove them wrong. You don’t need a man to look out for your well-being. You can take care of your health and pay your bills like a responsible adult. Always remember you were fine before they came into your life, you will be okay when they are out of your life. You are living life pretty good all by yourself. 

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Put Yourself First

The feeling of being you against the world is lonely at first but once you get the hang of hanging out by yourself, you will love it! You don’t have to compromise with your partner before making a decision. Travel? You can easily pack up everything and travel halfway around the world! As cliche as this sounds but you can focus on self-improvement, learn something new, fall in love with your job, and not worry about your boyfriend’s opinions. ICYDK, your life is all about you.

Master of Your Own Destiny

You are not just taking the reins on your life. You are the captain of your ship that is your life. You are enjoying a scenic cruise of your fate, overcoming any storms that come your way. Gone are the days when you have to consult your partner before you make any decision for any small and big life changes. You now hold the power to make your own decision. 

Love You for Being You

Accept your flaws, weaknesses, and strengths. Look for the right guy who allows you to be yourself and accept you for who you are (warts and all!). You are confident inside and out. You don’t need to wear a mask (figuratively), or be shy to do a video call in your pambalay sans your perfectly made-up brows. You are not willing to give up the things you like just to date a guy. You love yourself and you know yourself enough to say “thank you, next!”. 

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Love Your Own Company

Being single doesn’t have to be lonely. Being lonely is an option. You date yourself and you indulge in a little self-love pampering every now and then. Bonus! You are surrounded by your loving family and friends. What more can you ask for?

Refuse to Settle Anything Less

Boys come and go. You don’t have to settle for someone you tolerate. You want to be with someone that you can’t live life without. Be with someone who can make you give up your crispy chicken skin or who can remove the shells of the shrimps for you. You would rather go single than be in a toxic relationship. Hold out for the real deal. We know he’s out there busy looking for you.

Single on V-day? So, what? Enjoy and celebrate your single-ship. Let everyone know that you are having the time of your life by being single. In fact, Bluewater Maribago supports Single Lives Matter because celebrating Valentine’s Day is for everyone. You can go on an all-girls dinner date, share funny dating stories over sparkling wine, or simply listen to Cebuano singer-songwriter, Vincent Eco.

Women of the world, it is time to forget what society expects from us. It is okay to focus your energy on your work and personal growth if being in a relationship is toxic for you. It is okay to be the last single girl standing among your married friends. It is also okay to be third-wheeling or fifth-wheeling on dates.

We can change the way fairy tales are written by changing the way we get to have one. You are awesome and you can do all sorts of amazing things. 

You do you. Just focus on being a badass, go-getter, single woman chasing her dreams.