Why Being Single At Christmas is a Win

Why Being Single At Christmas is a Win

Single? This holiday season, it's time to mingle—with the things that matter! Kate Biol lists down reasons your current relationship status doesn't have to give you the holiday blues.

The holiday season is now in full swing. The Christmas rush is something I hate and love at the same time. I love the Season of Giving but for some reason it gets me feeling nostalgic at the same time. There seems to be a button for people to feel the Christmas nostalgia when you start seeing Christmas decorations everywhere.

One of the few reasons why I feel sentimental was getting my fair share of heartbreaks during the holiday season a few years back. Ugly memories usually come back to haunt me during the wonderful time of the year. It’s quite ironic.

Being single during the holiday season sometimes sucks because you don’t have to share the moment with, but there are some wins that I learned to appreciate over the years.

More Savings

If your love language is Gift-Giving, well, you can save a lot of moolah on the most expensive month of the year. No more headaches on the perfect gift to give your significant other. All you need to think about is getting gifts for your family, close friends, and splurging on something for yourself too.

Emotionally Stress-Free

Being in a relationship also means getting stressed out over something silly, especially during the holidays. I hate the sinking feeling of the rollercoaster of emotions before gearing up for a fight. Or getting anxious about waiting for a reply after a fight the night before. Well, your social status changes your holiday plans now. Enjoy a stress-free Christmas vacation!

December Weight is Not an Issue

I exercise to keep anxiety at bay. According to my coach, when I exercise, I am channeling my “excess energy” a.k.a. anxieties through my weekly boxing sessions. I used to date someone who pokes fun at my weight and losing weight during the holidays is always a struggle.

Come on, Christmas is synonymous with eating your favorite food that you deprived yourself of! You live only once and nobody’s going to watch what you put in your pretty mouth. I can always hit the fitness restart button in January. Body shamers, bite me! No pun intended. 

Season of Giving

The pandemic awakened the people’s generosity. If you are up to it, you can drive around the city and hand out meal boxes to street children or schedule a visit to your favorite charity to do some good deeds. Imagine the money you spent on the latest Jordan sneakers versus the Jollibee Kiddie Meals you can buy with it. 

Holiday Parties with your Friends

You can spend Noche Buena and New Year’s Eve with your friends instead of fighting where to spend the holidays on which side of the family. Your holidays will be extra merry and bright when you spend them with your squad and family at themed parties at your favorite hotels and resorts. Bonus points: you are helping local tourism get back on their feet.

Family Affairs

Get-togethers are something that I look forward (and hate) to every Christmas with my family tree. My family members are creatures of habit. My relatives have a habit of asking me about my state of affairs or when will I be getting married. Let alone the fact that their kids cannot even keep a relationship stable enough to last for a year. One of them even changes girlfriends every two years and has kids with different women.

I am not ready to have problems like buying diapers or tuition fees. I have my own timeline, thank you very much.

Being partnered up is not as fun and exciting as dating or being single. After settling down, things are already mapped out for their married lives. Single people usually lead more interesting lives and married people live through you vicariously.

Single on the holidays is not a big deal. The holiday season is an amazing time to be reminded of what we have to be grateful for. Single folks may have lost over a year of opportunity to get back on the dating scene but take a look on the brighter side, you are now more mindful, let go of toxic relationships, and learn which one you should value the most.